22 October 2019

Revelation & Freedom Codes....Now! ~ Sandra Walter ~ 21 October 2019

Beloveds, there is a strong influx unfolding amplifying Embodiment and the 2020 energies
Divine frequencies recalibrating the lightbody and the physical, flowing new DNA codes in this NOW
Gaia requesting us to receive and share these Source codes through the HUman heart grod
Amplification of Divine Intent and DIvine Will:
Stay focused on  Love, be a responsible Creator

Source: Sandra Walter

This is powerful leap in our DNA activation, dear hearts. Heed the recommendations from the Higher Realms and Stay Focused on the heart, the Divine Creation of what you truly desire.

Spend no energy on lesser agendas. This is a strong passage for sovereignty, freedom and New Earth in the Now. Timeline shifts in progress for the 2020 energies to overwhelm the lower realities.

It's a Mastery moment: Let the bliss of your own Heart overwhelm your own lesser realities, and the external will reflect that. Quantum creation: be a responsible Creator in thought, word, FEELING and action.

Because #Ascension.

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