29 October 2019

You Are Your Ego's Liberator ~ Matt Kahn ~ 28 October 2019

The rest we need to nourish the Body and Soul can challenge the ego

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In this moment, the Universe wants you to know....the ego isn’t lying or trying to mislead you. It’s only capable of believing its fears until awakening integrates it back into the light of Source. It shares its fears because you are its liberator. You are the light of consciousness—only unavailable to help it let go when imagining its fears and concerns are somehow yours.

Life is always a play of decisions. While there are always decisions to be made, no such fear, worry, or concern is necessary to choose what to follow for your highest evolution.

As you awaken, you will come to see, you were never actually worried, afraid, or concerned about anything. It was just a fearful lens you didn’t know you were looking through that distorted your perceptions and made everything seem overwhelming, stressful, and uncertain. In order to let go, the ego needs your love. This is why we love whatever arises. Only then will you come to know how everything is here to help you.

Please enjoy every moment of your time reading this newsletter and, remember...I meet you in love.

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