08 November 2019

11:11 Gateway ~ Maureen Moss ~ 7 November 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

The Energy mounts and momentum builds as we begin unifying with the frequency field already in motion from the 11:11 Gateway and, adjusting to the newly arrived and very powerful Star Codes, Soul Codes and Rays of Source Consciousness not only entering Earths magnetic field, though the Stargate of our Hearts and DNA.

What some may not know is that the 11:11 Gateway resides in the 5th Dimension and is the Dimensional Gateway to the place our consciousness has been moving since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

The number sequence 11:11 has long been significant to a shift in consciousness.

Each time we see 11:11 on our clocks or elsewhere we respond positively. This sequence was designed to be a trigger point within our DNA.

Most have connected the 11:11 with the Angels presence, which is true as well… though in each case it is a rare being who isn’t triggered to shift positively for seconds or a minute when they notice the 11:11.

When this occurs a greater reality even for just moments is subtly brought into consciousness and also via frequency, activates our DNA already imprinted with the 11:11 codex which over these many years has been creating a merger between our 5th Dimensional Consciousness and physical selves.

On the 11:11 our DNA will be Highly activated. As well, those engaged will find themselves merging more consciously with a new timeline, expanding the Light of God within, experiencing more of their Christ/Christess Consciousness and merged more deeply with the non-physical world including your Soul, your Higher Self and I AM Presence.

Indeed we are in a spectacular activity of Life and Miracles as difficult, as painful, as life-defying, as bold, as courageous, as fascinating as it is.

And we are in it together regardless of where you may be on your path right now. We are all in a huge Quantum Timeline Jump and Change-over for ourselves, for Gaia, for the Cosmos, the Collective Humanity and for GOD.

To Sum It Up:
We are being re-made in the image and likeness of God.

One Love, One Will, One Humanity

Please join those of us gathering around the world to amplify the frequency field and engage fully with the 11:11 Gateway.

Registration: https://www.maureenmoss.com/1111-merging-registration

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