21 November 2019

21 Energy Keys for Ascension ~ Judy Satori ~ 20 November 2019

The Cosmic Central Sun of the 22 Galaxies ~ including Milky Way ~ is what Judy Satori calls "Beyond the Beyond".

Source: Judy Satori

Hello Everyone...for the next 21 days I am going to post an Energy Key of New Creation that will help you prepare for powerful Ascension energies affecting us all from January 2020.

"Beyond the Beyond" refers to an expanded God/Creation energy matrix than from this galaxy alone.

Energies from this source are more potent. They are divinely designed at the perfect time to upgrade and empower us as people to move beyond current paradigms of understanding and capacity. Relax - receive - energy transmission begins at 3.46 minutes.

This key is part of the 21 ENERGY KEYS FOR ASCENSION series that is included in the ASCENSION LIBRARY explore more ==> https://bit.ly/35hDDMA

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