26 November 2019

Affecting the Trajectory of the 2020 Timeline ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 25 November 2019

Without forgiveness, we will not be able to move on in a meaningful manner and our Ascension path will be impacted.

Source: Jenny Schiltz

I was given an important message today and it was requested that I share.

My team explained to me that we are at a critical choice point on our journey. Our choices affect the 2020 timeline collectively and our own individual timeline. What they explained was that in order to bring in the timeline that holds more magic, more abundance, more of stepping into our creator selves we need to practice radical forgiveness.

We are being asked to forgive it all and most importantly ourselves. Wherever we are holding unforgiveness is where we are holding density and separation within our form, within our own creation.  It can appear as sludge or goo in the body that light struggles to penetrate. 

Forgiveness of all is the path to our freedom, the path to our embodiment.

Forgiveness does not mean that another person is right or moral. It does not mean that who or what is needing to be forgiven should escape the consequences of their actions. It certainly does not mean that forgiving someone or something means that you need to change your boundaries. In fact, forgiveness is not for them… it is for you. It is about you setting yourself free. It is about you irradicating the density, separation, trauma, and pain from your body.

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