26 November 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 26 November 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

There is only ONE ENERGY FREQUENCY that expands our Consciousness in order to become, return to, a higher frequency state of being.

It is not (ultimately) through any thought, any words spoken, any words exchanged, any acts taken...for all are a lessor frequency translation of the mind. A part of the journey within separation. It is not through temporary journeys reached via some meditation types or any ingested substances, that only add more story, within separation, albeit alternative and fascinating, at a non solid state. Yes they all carry an energetic vibration, but ultimately it is not enough...it is only a lessor frequency to the higher frequency we grow into, through our INTERNAL BEINGNESS, that is FELT and experienced within us.

It is through choosing to BE the ONE accessible INTERNAL energetic frequency (we call it Love), that we expand into the ever present conscious awareness that is always present. The ‘awakened journey’ allows us to grow into becoming that FREQUENCY in ALL moments, one step at a time, via our own choices made.

At each’s perfect ‘time’, we put down all distraction of the illusion, and that perfect, individualised storyline, and we return WITHIN...to BE, that specific ENERGETIC frequency in all moments. Knowing it IS the ONLY key, gift, answer, way, that EACH DO possess. We BE that energy internally. It becomes us in all moments. Because we can be that, at right stage. It becomes the ONLY truth. To be that ENERGY, for no human reason. To be that, because it is the ONLY energy FREQUENCY that creates each step of our return to God conscious awareness. That awareness, only resides in that FREQUENCY, by BEING that ENERGY. All else, is of the mind, and each one’s story, path, journey. The story, the journey is finally seen as a distraction of the mind. The ‘jewel’, the ‘key’, is BEING a certain specific energetic frequency INTERNALLY first, that expands each, if they choose.

The mind allows us to play, to whatever degree we choose, where there is no right or wrong, just many experiences. Our heart allows a specific ENERGY FREQUENCY to be felt WITHIN; it heightens, expanding layers upon layers of degrees of knowing it’s energetic, as Hertz, that eventually becomes our full internal focus, that allows our return to ALL THAT IS, being known as the ever present experience.

The mind allows temporary experiences. Internal energy, of certain specific energetic frequency, allows the INFINITE to expand within us, and become us. So that we may know, be, and SERVE...the whole, knowing it’s all ONE.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
26 November 2019

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