09 November 2019

Atomic to Etheric Transformation ~ Undisclosed S1:Ep1 ~ Emery Smith and Randy Veitenheimer

Emery Smith shares a free view of his Undisclosed premiere with Randy Veitenheimer.

I haven't watched but there's a timer on this so I'm posting it first. Here's the description:
Randy Veitenheimer and Emery Smith discuss Emery's work in undisclosed special access projects measuring the atomic energy surrounding alien crafts and how this directly correlates to the etheric field in humans. All physical matter in our universe is vibrating and emanates a field of energy that can be measured and influenced. This is true for the human body and for interstellar vehicles. Their findings show that each of us radiate an etheric field, which is a determiner of our overall health. As we learn to increase the voltage of our bodies, we increase the energy of this field, bolstering our resilience and improving overall health.
Source: Emery Smith

Happy Birthday Randy Veitenheimer!
I am so grateful for you being a part of my life and am so happy to celebrate your arrival to this world today. Thanks for you know....everything I can truly say that I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Randy, so be sure to show him some love and wish him the happiest of birthdays, he deserves it! In honor of Randy's birthday, here is a free 24 hour link to our first episode of Undisclosed on Gaia together!


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