25 November 2019

Balance ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Practical and wise Spirituality.....

Source: Revolution By Light

Balance – by Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda has always emphasized on balancing our Spiritual and Material life.

Eventually, we have to Spiritually handle our Material life such that there is no line between the two. With pure goodwill towards humanity, a Light Channel asked if he could channel Light throughout the day. To this Guruji said -

“Yes, you can but do you have the time? Don’t you have a family?Don’t you have responsibilities? Don’t you have a job? Are you studying?

“It is a noble intent to channel Light throughout the day but if you have responsibilities, you cannot ignore them.

“Let us be very sensible; we cannot channel Light all the time. We can request the Light to flow through us all the time. The Light will be in the background.”

(Channelled Knowledge from the #Rishi Volume 4)

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