07 November 2019

Clarion Call: The Return of the "Star People" ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 6 November 2019

The seemingly endless cycles of clearing / cord-cutting / releasing seem to be a major focus this year, even though we've been at it since forever. This year, the process got cranked up several notches and is now occurring at quantum rate ~ it looks like we need to get real as much as possible before 2020 dawns.

Source: Awakening to Remembering

An etheric (Quantum) Cosmic Clarion Call has gone out to the "Star People" here on our planet ... occupying a physical form, yet here to support/usher in NEW HUMANITY through the fulfillment of certain roles.

For the last few weeks, Earth-Star and Soul-Star Codes within each's body/fields have been activating stronger and stronger as we go.

This Activation is what I will sometimes refer to as Cosmic Shaman Energies, of ancient Star Lineages incarnated/walked-in/teleported/activated through your Photonic DNA into a physical body form and living amongst all as LOVE.

These are the Light BEings evolving on a DNA Level and all of those who do not identify with "the old" as "reality", rather an illusion of one no longer resonant as an acceptable existence here. 

These are the ONES, Pure in Heart, Deeply connected "from the Stars and various Star Systems" in REMEMBRANCE and understanding the importance of what we all are BEing/DOing through integration processes of STAR-CODES, SUN-CODES and various Gaia/Galactic/Cosmic Codes held deep within our DNA "waiting" for "that time".... now here. 

You will know, you will FEEL it within you.... through your own Gridding System and connection with Gaia's Consciousness too. What this means to each will be relative to each's own Divine Guidance as to "how" this correlates to where you are in your own Multi-Dimensional Journey/Processes here.

This is y/our call-out in written form, in case you were not sure or didn't receive the message clearly.... (part of what we do here). ♥

Please read on....

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