27 November 2019

Energy Report ~ Kwana Mikaela ~ 27 November 2019

Source: Kwana Mikaela

If we are conscious aware or more sensitive (with every moment) in observation/perception of our physical vessel, Mental, Emotional planes (Being as whole organism), we can notice that Within our living fields lately occurs many more spectacular events.

Physical vessel bring on surface unresolved issues, - real physical pains, suddenly flaming diseases, accidents that leads to injuries; symptoms like fever, cold, hot/cold sweat, weakness; what can be called as 'burning out', and more.

Mental Body brings on surface everything of programing that served its purpose in duality with dual perception; remains of it must be cleared. 

Emotional Body brings on surface what was ever suppressed in individual and Collective level.
Our three bodies are working on releases and giving signals or points to our attention, and, in moments, these 'points' can become very loud and sore.

We are shedding off the Old in accelerated pace, that places us as a Humanity in massive Vortex of 2020.

If look from 'linear' point, then it took six earth months, and have its final completion weeks ahead; if we look from Quantum present Now, it has been quick phase (in stages), and what we are calling 2020 is also Now, - we have shifted into New energetic 'Reality'.
Like I was shown (23 November): Number sequences - "1113" - "1110" - "999"
Three Trajectories of Ascension (each chooses) - Completion of 2019 (till zero point) - full 'connectedness' to 2020 (in progres).

In moments there can appear very dense 'far and old memory echo' from Timelines, where occured 'toxic' vibrational experiences, if you will. Please, do not respond or react to those 'expressions' with place of worries or fear, simple accept, and require your Liberation for it is a Time. Any thing that can be heavy or show to you something that pull you down (seems very real), not neccesary is related to your PRESENT NEW TIMELINE. When you clear your own Energy field, vessel, vertical energy channel, Mental, Emotional planes you can feel then DIFFERENCE between 'impact' of Timelines, and present Moment. Your senses, your perception, your Heart will show to you what is true.

Short update: 26/27 November Extra intense and strong incoming Plasma Light. I didn't posted about, since went through high Activate state, then vast exhaustion.

Many can experience emotional sensitivity, Heart area, digestive system (Solar Plexus area), back (cellular releases), head, desire to drink a lot of water and more.

In Loving service to New Earth
Kwana Mikaela

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