23 November 2019

Eric Raines ~ "Love & Light" ~ 22 November 2019

It is easy to think that this update from Eric Raines is on the harsh side. I did have that thought, but as someone who has been at the receiving end of misguided Love-&-Light (that's what I prefer to call it, rather than False Light), I understand where Eric is coming from. I've had, on more occasions than I care to remember, been judged adversely for standing firm on my own principles. The most common one that I've experienced is this ~ I hold a different viewpoint or decline some form of "initiation", "healing" or "label", and the response I get is that it's because my Kundalini is not awakened, or I'm not ready, or I'm confused, or my third eye isn't open, or some "spiritual status" that I had not yet attained. And then they send me "Love & Light".....

Source: Eric Raines

It is really funny, seeing as how I teach people the Radiant Smile which is literally love/laughter and light, on how anti love and light I am.

Love and light is crucial to cleanse, rejuvenate and transmute stagnant energy and trauma.

The love and light I see most often in our spiritual community however, is such a thinly veneered, passive aggressive way to spiritually bypass any shadow work under the surface that leaves gaping, open inner wounds, constantly screaming for inner attention.

If you have toxic tendencies, ignoring someone pointing out what you are doing to them and continuing the same behavior, all while avoiding the obvious issue and sending your light and love to that person...that is not true love. That is false light.

Saying you love and forgive people while holding onto resentment and anger is a hollow effort at cleansing. It is knowing, not applying.

Pointing out other people's "dark energy" while refusing to look at yourself with that critical eye does not help those around you and blinds you to the energies of DNA activation and ascension, which are deeply personal and internal.

All of these situations (there are so many more examples we could look at), involves the projection of "love and light" to the outside. How do we embody this concept and actually live it instead of knowing concepts that we are just pretending at practically?

True love, true light requires acceptance of the shadow. It requires deep exploration of everything inside of you that fundamentally feels awful, if you dont distract yourself from it.

Love and light requires you to look deep into the shadow, then direct that love, that forgiveness, that joy and light into yourself, right into the spaces that become uncomfortable and cause those bypassing behaviors.

As this process becomes a part of you, it becomes much easier to find the darkness that you have created, were passed down or came here to clean out.

True love and light requires a much deeper introspection than just feeling uncomfortable, wishing platitudes, than ignoring the elephant in the room. It requires you to do the hard work....

Direct true love, true light into you until you shine like the sun, cleansing all of those examples of what you will never create again in your reality.

Light up your worthiness. Light up your magnificence. Recognize we are all flawed and in order to heal, we need to bring attention to those areas and love them until they dissolve into bubbles of joy and forgiveness.

True love and light requires you to be honest. That is all.

The only way to ever master a skill is to fail at it so many times that you understand it inside and out.

The master had failed more times than the neophyte has even tried.

Dont fail, either succeed, or LEARN.

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