21 November 2019

Freedom from Fear of Death ~ Eric Raines ~ 20 November 2019

Source: Eric Raines

Back in 2014 I had a near death experience that profoundly changed the way I exist in reality.

I couldn't sleep and had turned on Netflix around 3am, a restlessness buzzing inside of me. Looking back, I recognize how different that space felt, but then, I was just uncomfortable and trying to go to sleep.

Before I figured out what astral parasites feed on and how to transmute them into light, I was constantly shielding and protecting myself from them (warfare), instead of cleaning my internal world of trauma and showing the darkness how to laugh and love.

This lead to some profoundly intense experiences that steadily forced my perception of reality to shift further from what I was taught, yet never allowed me to rest or recuperate.

This night, well, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I felt the wave of putrid energy flush through me, almost immediately making me black out and it started to shut my organ function down.

So here I am, 3am, completely blind, so nauseous that I could feel it radiating through the atomic structure around me, with a very distinctive understanding that the choking and desperate sensations I was feeling inside of me were my organs turning off one by one.

Since I couldn't see and the only water in the house was in the filter in the kitchen, I blindly crawled from my room to the only thing my body seemed to be able to communicate. WATER!!

Halfway through the kitchen, I felt the veil split. As my body drained the spark of life, the veil of the other side was so clear it felt like a physical doorway that all I had to do was shift into and the I would be on the other side.

A wave of terror rolled through my body at this realization sparking a panic and bringing me a bit more into my body.

As I became more aware, I had the most profound realization that struck like thunder. "If I have to do this, then I'm doing this like a rockstar. I'm ready....LETS DO THIS!!."

As soon as acceptance and even a little bit of excitement popped up, the terror disappeared into such a sweet release of joy, love and purpose. I was ready to go and I was at peace with it.

I had managed to crawl through the livingroom and into the kitchen and finally got the water after what felt like hours but couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 minutes.

After guzzling almost a gallon of water and a half hour deep breathing in the Lotus position on the kitchen floor, my sight came back.

One by one I breathed life I to my meridian and organ systems, turning them on in a slow, steady process that left me exhausted and numb, yet so full of wonder.

You see, I couldn't feel fear anymore. I had stared right into the jaws of the most terrifying beast we have to face in our lives (worldwide death-fear programming) and I made friends with it. Not even peace, but friends.

That moment where I felt the unknown on the other side...the Infinite was there. It was unknown, but it was there. Irrefutable proof that we do not end when these bodies die.

It was like I stood at the edge of the Universe and even through the incredible discomfort of the body, I was thunderstruck with awe and wonder.

There is great freedom in exploring your death. How would you act if you knew you were going to die tomorrow? What big issues would suddenly become insignificant? Who would you want to spend your precious time with?

We exist in the body, but we are not the body, after all, you see with your eyes, your eyes do not see.

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