25 November 2019

Healing Through Transfiguration And Transfusion ~ Asur'Ana ~ 23 November 2019

Oddly enough ~ or maybe not ~ I learnt the word "Transfiguration" from an eponymous Star Trek episode (here).  Reading this article from Asur'Ana makes me think of the adage, "The more you learn, the less you know".....

Source: Alignment With Earth

Transfiguration is an act of physical and biological transformation that occurs through time sequences in the dream to cause healing of ailments. Through transfiguration, one can alter a particular organ, gland or system back in time restoring the health from a time when it was experienced in health. One can also move forward in time restoring a future blueprint of genealogy into the physical structure in the act of ascension to cause the biology to become stronger and healthy.

Transfiguration can be focused upon individual organs, glands, or systems or the entire body in the act of a full body transfiguration. Those who understood transfiguration over time have by and large lost the information on healing except for perhaps some very devoted sages of the east or medicine people of the indigenous cultures upon each continent.

Transfiguration and Ascension

Transfiguration can also be utilized to ascend. In the act of transfusion-based ascension, one moves the organ, gland, or system or body in a full body healing into the future blueprint that is to unfold ahead. Ascension through transfusion is easy; however, it is also easy to move into DNA that may not be as supportive as one thinks. Therefore, it is important to choose the DNA ascended into wisely so that it resonates and was from a time that the inheritances was in its maximum health in light wave synergy.

Ascension is an act of choosing to restore the genealogical blueprint of the holographic template to an earlier structure that was prevalent at another time in one’s inheritance. There are holographic templates that go back in time 30,000 years of the ancient ones who were seeded upon Earth from Sirius about 200,000 years ago. The genetics of this type of structure were fusion based and spun light wave formations as thoughtform. The remains of the bandwidths of light wave thoughtform and the associated inheritances remains around Earth, although humans and all kingdoms have sunk far beneath this in present time vibration.

Light wave thoughtform and genealogical sequences are not only sustainable but existed without the requirement to consume and lives from the breath alone in its purity of sustainable states of being attained. Light wave thoughtform is syncopated in Tao time which spans past, present and future in a single breath. Because light waves span time, time can be modified in the biology to allow for transfiguration into alternative shapes which include physical sequences of health and well-being. Time is a transfigurists paradigm in which one transfigures the existence into the dreams of a lifetime.

Transfigurative paradigms have been also become lost and distorted over time and into sequences of non-aplomb. Aplomb equates unto ecstasy in Tao thoughtform and the entire point of transfiguring anything has always been to activate the pleasure centers into a state of unrelenting joy through the manifestation of the body into a state of health or the life into experiences of livelihood.

A state of ecstasy can be sustained in high fusion. High fusion is a bandwidth of vibration that only the tantric community may have accessed in recent cycles upon Earth. It requires so much sexual flow to sustain a heightened sensory perception equated to ecstasy that two or more are required to generate this in present time. In times past, a single human could fulfill upon a state of high fusion as a daily state of being. This may be hard to understand in relation to how the life may have flowed in ongoing and recurrent ecstasy; but let us suffice to say that the discord was simply not a prevalent factor in bandwidths of light wave configurations of dreams in ancient times.

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