13 November 2019

Honouring the Masculine ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 12 November 2019

The masculine is not being honoured when his lower dimensional self is entertained

With so many different sources now talking about the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine/Goddess energies, I'm always very grateful whenever I come across someone who presents the topic in a balanced and expanded perspective, and this is one of them. Ultimately, if you were to say that I'm only aligning with my own perceptions in the first place, you would be correct. And my perception ~ or the perceptions of those I post here on my blog ~ may not necessarily be Truth (or more accurately, some degree of Truth). But it is my Truth for now :)

Source: Avatara Ananda

In his soul truth, he wishes not for the feminine to play along with his delusions. 

His lower dimensional self is hypnotized by the power play and nonsensical promises of the deceptive fragmented matrix, and when the feminine enters those arenas with him, she only fuels the games with her own essence. 

In his highest expression, he wishes for her to go on and walk her path of highest truth. For him to be liberated from confines of delusion, she must stop fueling it

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