09 November 2019

Illusions Dissolving ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 8 November 2019

This basically sums up what I've been feeling for much of 2019..... Please continue reading only if you feel guided to do so. This is why I've said repeatedly, and posted so many messages from others on the same topic ~ LET GO of everything that no longer serves our Ascension. EVERY THING.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the gift of Celestial Awakening (as per Jason Estes) towards end-October would herald the start of dissolution of false spirituality.

Source: Avatara Ananda

Team ... buckle up.

Massive illusions are dissolving. It’s like we’ve been in training for what’s to come.

False ascension timelines ... only your inner true soul can identify them, ask your higher self to reveal.

Detaching is very uncomfortable because the ego is addicted to the comfort, euphorias and shine of these artificial timelines, it feels very special and divine in them. It’s just portal after portal ... quantum shifts, constantly ~

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