07 November 2019

Intuitive Listening is on the Rise ~ Lee Harris ~ 6 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

The more mindful we can be about noticing and listening to ourselves, the kinder we are in the way that we listen to others.

Intuitive listening is on the rise on the planet with an increasing number of people becoming more emotionally intelligent and more emotionally aware. Of course, you may meet people who are not that way but in general, increased emotional intelligence and awareness are part of the current rise in consciousness.

But whilst the power of listening to your intuition and messages you get is great, we are not the servants to our intuition - our intuition comes to us for us to work with.

- From the November 2019 Energy Update - Watch the full update here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkfRTrX_IDo

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