24 November 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 23 November 2019

Omigoddess....astoundingly amazing....

Source: Jason Estes


Congrats Humanity you did it!

2.1 billion people currently on the ascended line with another 5 billion ish to come over in January 2020

this means when the final timeline merge is completed on or around the 30th of January we will be 1 world for the first time since the fall, and begin to build towards world peace, an ascended master world, and begin to work on a masterline as soon as February

so many of you msg me and ask me what all this means for the world and your own lives

i will be doing a live at 3pm cst on 26th with Todd Medina to go over all of it in more details and break down this final phase of the long journey you have all been on

you knew when you got here why you came but many of you myself included lost heart and hope along the way with so many failed attempts and so many false prophets out there

it became easier to doubt and to lose your faith but for everyone who choose to stick it out the finish line is ahead of us and we will be asked to be examples in all we say and do so prepare now in this final piece of 2019 while the training wheels are still on for those of you who are new to me or my words

its as simple as this...


Take a moment and celebrate your accomplishments then have a good laugh about all your so called failures and finally step off into the brave new world letting go fully of all you have been and done, because what come next requires infinite space and you cant be that if your holding onto something ::hugs::  

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