23 November 2019

Kwana Mikaela Update ~ 22 November 2019

We have strong increase in Energy
Can feel big load to body
So much occurs at once NOW
Rest & Relax

Source: Kwana Mikaela

UPDATE • 22 November

Note: real time update - perspective for present Now; what you are experiencing depends on your own stages, and can be different.

Due to this latest UPGRADE (19 ~ 21 November) (see previous post), starts to APPEAR DETAILS of How it affects/plays out in our physical-mental-emotional bodies.

This Upgrade is a Big Great Push forward, and it will not accept any DISSONANT 'note' nor in individual, nor Collective level, because we are immersed in 2020, and immersion take its 'final completion' phase.

We are crossing the bridge to brand new energetical environment we became used to since june.


Note: Emotions as desing of Human Aspect (3D) is most human part, that allows to us Feel, to get understanding about ourselves and the world through Emotions. With Ascension, crystallisation, shift in Awareness, we are returning to harmonious Perception not through Emotions but through Heart Awareness, that is highest form of Perception.
Right Now, can be observed 'ripple effect' in Collective Emotional Body, that can cause and bring very emotional fluctuations in our Emotions, feelings, senses, and many of us can interact or perceive outer world, or even ourselves (!) in more 'sensitive manner'. 

Our Human Aspect contains program of Emotions that was desinged for 3D density Experience, respectively, due to Awakening, we can become as Observers of our own Emotional body or occurences in Collective Emotional Body. And literally 'not to take close to the Heart' (in human terms) whole expressions, that in every moment 'comes and goes' through us, or linked with our own Emotional clearing, or within Collective field.

Possible emotional expressions:
• With a reason or without the reason, we can experience tears moments or desire to 'stay away' from 'the crowded places'.
• Some can reveal sense of despair related to any area of their lives where they faces difficulties, obstacles, stagnant circumstances, or in any other way are feeling 'stuck' or 'stopped'.
• From Core wounds or 'story lines' in Collective Emotional Body, can come 'out' - wounded tired Soul, this can be felt with extremely sensitive sensations in individual level, where we are feeling alone or not loved; or tired and and wanting to be in presence of those who can love without 'rules'.

Every emotion, every feeling, every sensation leads to the HEART; from there starts Healing, from there starts Wholeness, organic Health for our own Emotional body. And nothing or someone outside of us, can do this Healing except ourselves. 

Times when we was forced to suppress our Emotions, - actually, our pure Divine Nature and Love, - is OVER.

Now, we are asked to fully open up our Emotional planes, to See what is there, to be Honest with ourselves, to bring forth any emotional that has painful background or trigger point.

The most sensitive we become when there is about Love and relationships, because it means to look into our Hearts. 

Pains of broken-hearts, lost hopes, not answered love, illusions, abusive treatment and more, - comes as 'heritage' from 3D karmic cycle, where Human Aspect was used to two polarities - Love and Pains. 

With deep respect towards our Human journey and emotions we have been able to Feel, we are returning to Self-Love, Self-Care, and full connecctedness to Source within. To organic Beigness of Love.

Yesterday, evening I had tears when I allowed to my Heart space release emotional pattern of being almost alone (in frequency/awareness) in this country, my whole time/energy is invested in energy reports, translations, videos, meditations, inner work; live interaction occurs only if there are Sessions or group meditations, and it is not that there are standing people in a row.. Facebook/Instagram is like Divine Portal that allows to Express what burst out of my Being for All benefit.

Ability to cry is blessed it purify your template and opens your Heart.

Namaste ๐Ÿ™ I Love you all ๐Ÿ’›
Kwana Mikaela

⭐️Translation to French, Thank You "Ganesha - Travailleuse de lumiรจre" ๐Ÿ•Š

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