23 November 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 22 November 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

So this weekend, Venus is conjunct Jupiter and also the Galactic Center. This is major heart expansion and we will feel connected to Source energy/Zero point Unified field in a major way.

We will feel the unconditional love of Creation and it will help us move out a lot of blocked energy and old programmings, but it may be hard to let go of some of these things, because of any attachments we may have formed with them. Sometimes we even attach ourselves to guilt, insecurities and unworthiness and don't know how to shake it.

But anyway, These are super healing transmissions and all a part of the Alchemical shift taking place. It is this substance that is turning the lead of this human experience into gold. It is coming in strongly now, especially this weekend.

The Sun in the 13th sign Ophiuchus from November 30th to December 17th will keep this Aether energy flowing, helping us to do all the necessary purification, for our DNA to be able to begin to upgrade and unscramble fire codes (junk DNA).

This energy of Ophiuchus represents the Solar alignment with Cosmic Aether, which is at the core of the Galactic Center -- it represents the pouring of healing Spiritual waters into the Earth and humanity from Mother Goddess.

These waters were previously contaminated and so we have felt that heaviness in our emotional bodies, which creates lethargy and depression or the feeling like one is walking through quick sand in this lower density we are in.

This is all incredibly heightened because the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto is increasing (peaking in January 2020) and these energies this week are giving us a glimpse of the power of this paradigm shift towards a positive Ascension timeline and the lifting out of all of that heavy stuff -- but we must have patience of course! .

There is still massive purging, distractions, things that are encouraging battles amongst one another, but it will eventually help us to see how useless it is and we will long for these higher, blissful energies that are really working to get our attention this week and we will surely manifest things that will increase our longing for this connection, until we fully devote and align in a more consistent and conscious way.

What we are seeing is a dismantling and dissolving of the structures, constructs, false Matrix and systems of our reality that don't serve our human vessel upgrading and becoming its full potential. This is a major evolutionary shift and it is happening for us personally — we are experiencing the breakdown of old belief systems, conditionings and personality patterns that aren't aligned with our true authentic self.

The rings of Saturn are dissolving too, showing the results of us being freed from bondage and enslavement to the dark controller forces and how their agendas created massive imbalance of M and F and extreme duality.

Symptoms may increase, so If you feel slightly off-balance or a bit foggy or off-kilter, it is all a part of the changes we are currently going through. You may feel like you are in a half-dream state or utterly confused and it is hard to focus. So just breathe through it and trust the process.

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