07 November 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 6 November 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower 

AI is dismantled with our frequency of Authenticity, free-thinking, integrity and all the good qualities that keep us healthy and on a trajectory that is able to connect into the light codes coming in and transmissions of the Diamond Heart of the Earth.

This energy collapses hive mind-Armies and so the battery they use is removed. Weather weapons are built upon Elemental reversals and require our inner Elements to be in survival, depression and anger, so it can harvest what we aren't using and also feed on the by-product of imbalance.

We can't avoid these feelings at times, but they aren't a permanent condition.

As we wander through the Underworlds we may pass by some dark beings and some may attach -- but it is just a reminder to keep walking and moving forward ~ Guided by our inner light of Love & Wisdom.

We need to take out the trash and clean the dishes to avoid germs and parasites in our kitchen. Our mental, Spiritual and emotional bodies are no different. If we create something and clean up our mess efficiently, we are in balance. Create, Clear - Repeat!

This is what it takes to run a kitchen, or deadly microbes invade and gnarly Rat creatures show up ~ rats are cool, but not when they take over

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