29 November 2019

Let the Streams Of Higher Consciousness flow into your Life ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 29 November 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Based on the changes you see and feel occurring in your life right NOW, the levels of excitement perceived by new and different possibilities, probabilities and potentials may be felt by you as increasing levels of anxiety instead.

Excitement passed through the Ego-dominated Mind are fear-filtered by adding the warnings of insecurity, indecision, failure, self worth and incapability. The Ego will "happily" remind you that there is always something to worry about. All that is unknown fails to provide the Ego with security, safety, comfort and familiarity.

E-motion is Energy in motion.
E-go is Energy given direction.

Fear of the Unknown becomes A-Void-Dance - skipping through life avoiding responsibility, avoiding reliability, avoiding accountability. But within the Void lies your true potential - all that still remains unknown, unfulfilled and unmanifested within you.

Excitement passed through the Heart is felt as joy, abundance and laughter. Trust your Heart and know that your Higher Self is looking after you ALL the time.

YOU NOW is the Higher Self that knows NOW the answers you knew not before.

Allow your Ego Mind to do its thing then let it go, move your focus to your Heart centre and accept what your Soul wants you to learn in this moment. Victory over victim, success over slavery, achievement over apathy.

Your anxieties are actually your excitement within the filter of the same vibrational frequencies - so get excited as your Higher Self reveals to you, all that you still hold within you.
Release the Doom and do. Release the Gloom and glow.

Let This go and let That flow for the last time !
Try it, do it, be it.

You are Loved and Blessed beyond measure.❤️

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Cosmic Blue Ray Messenger

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