28 November 2019

Love Invocation: An Invitation ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 28 November 2019

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

⭐️ Archangel Michael calls this the GLOBAL LOVE BLANKET!
Post “YES” if you plan to join us in blanketing the Earth in LOVE!

We invite you all to invoke this Love Invocation at sunrise on November 28th! (Your time investment is only 8 harmonious minutes) Together we can create a living consciousness WAVE around the entire Earth, filled with LOVE and GRATEFULNESS across the Earth on this Thanksgiving sunrise. We will use this invocation to disarm fear and ignite love throughout the Earth, humanity and all living things. The more people that involved with this invocation, the more effective it will be. So ... Please feel free share this invitation with others!

The invocation is inspired by many beautiful masters we have the honor to work with. The words "I AM" are very important to call in the god self and divine presence that is within every living soul.
⭐️ Read slowly, out loud, the lines with the stars.
Read within ... the text in the parentheses which shares who the line of invocation came from and other details.


⭐️ “I AM” calling forth my ENLIGHTENED I AM PRESENCE.
(From our higher selves)

⭐️ “I AM” the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.
(From Lord Jeshua)

(From Thoth, the Atlantean)

⭐️ “I AM” the Consciousness of ONENESS AND UNITY.
(From Master Akhenaten)

(From The Immortals, Philae, Egypt)

(From both Jeshua and Thoth)

(From The Hathors)

(Now we have gathered in our authentic power and have invited to join us a team of brilliant masters to work with us, so now we can put into action the Love invocation.)

⭐️ “I AM” Now working from the TRUTH and LIGHT from I AM THAT I AM.

⭐️ “I AM” calling into me the I AM PRESENCE, and its limitless Illumination and Perfection continually into my heart, so I can emanate this perfection in my life, and to be in perfect service to humanity.

⭐️ I AM calling from my I AM PRESENCE to send forth Loving and Cleansing Rays of PURE VIOLET FIRE to all humanity, throughout all worldly official places that we have empowered to care over our well being, and into all overt and covert organizations of any kind.
((( like our Governments, corporations, medical institutions, military, etc...)))

⭐️ I AM calling from my I AM PRESENCE to send forth Loving and Cleansing Rays of PURE VIOLET FIRE to all our relations.
(((Like our families, communities, coworkers, etc...)))

⭐️ May only compassionate and respectful action be taken,
that total forgiveness is obtained,
and profound healing is anchored,
for any being who has been harmed,
or for those who caused this harm.
I send this invitation through my I AM PRESENCE
with only pure LOVING ENERGY from my heart, to where ever it is needed the most, and with no earthly judgment of right or wrong.

⭐️ I AM calling on my I AM PRESENCE... from the law of Universal Divine Principle, that all humankind is offered an equal opportunity to align to the LIGHT of Universal TRUTH and the Power of Unconditional LOVE. To radiate with FULL ILLUMINATION of the BODY, the MIND and SOUL, thus raising up all of humanity into alignment with the UNIVERSAL DIVINE PLAN of ONE.

⭐️ I AM asking this to take place at any time in the past,
the present moment, and in the future.
I AM calling with my I AM PRESENCE...
radiate out through all TIME, SPACE and DIMENSION,
through all beating HEARTS, MINDS and SPIRITS.

(((Please add anything you are called to from the heart. You can send healing to loved ones in need, or send blessing and support to teachers or mentors that have inspired you this year.)))

⭐️ It is done.

Have a very HOLY and BLESSED Thanksgiving!

(((Please feel free share this invocation with others.)))

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