19 November 2019

Maureen Moss Update ~ with Lady Claudine ~ 18 November 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

This Pleaidian Message was brought through me on the 11:11. This morning I was guided to share it here.

Lady Claudine one of the Council of Nine from Pleaides: I Am are here with you today as a Pleaidian representing the Council of Nine who act as advisors and members for those of you undertaking the difficult path to Ascension. Many of you know Lord Maitreya one of the Council of Nine and ascension mentor to Sananda (Yeshua and others.)

Long have the Pleadians much like the Sirians been dedicated to overseeing the Ascension of Gaia back to her Original Blueprint and you into your New Soul Blueprint.

We view many of you as a Stargate unto yourselves though on behalf of many on Earth. Many of you here right now are directors of energy on Earth. Most of you are highly sensitive and often in need of our help... to help attune your mental Patterning for greater understanding and acceptance of not only your Earth Self, though of your Cosmic Self.

The timeline you chose to be born on the earth this time has from day one had you stepping into unknown territory and here you are again. Most of you have come from realms of Light and are Masters…Ascended Masters who willingly underwent the process of birth and began to forget who you are. And you did so to free an entire planet from the throes of darkness. That the reason you have had an army of Lords and Masters and Angels and more watching over you and protecting you as best we could.

Now you are facing what you already have known though never went through the birth and forgetful process to return to your Mastery. Rest assured you will…. though you must stay focused and away from the distractions and feelings of being powerless and limited. Once you were. Now you are not.

We ask that you not indulge your power and energy on the remnants of darkness and karmic struggle being worked out on your Planet. Part of it has even been staged, though understand you are to focus on the Light and the Love that you Are, the reason you went to Earth and the homestretch you are in to discover a new sense of your Essence and belonging to both Earth and your Cosmic Origins and the Universe equally.

You are cherished, blessed and honored in the farthest corners of the Galaxy for the work you have done that forevermore restores the landscape of Earth, humanity and the Cosmos.

I want to remind you to not give up…do not turn your back from your new lives or the way in which they come forward. Trust is your ally. Align with your commitment to complete the reason you went to Earth to create a New Human and restore the vastly treasured Gaia.

We are always with you in ships in the skies, in your hearts and always shall be united as One with You.

Go now and be reminded, restored and Loved. Be on Earth triggered to remember who you are and willing to re-blend with your Higher Self/Your Master Self who has access to every aspect and everyone in these Realms. Stay together, help each other, and complete what you came to do.

We love you.

Love, Maureen

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