26 November 2019

New Reality

A quick share of something that presented during a meditation yesterday....

I was standing just outside a massive hallway that was lined with tall elegant pillars that looked like a mix of marble-crystal, off white in colour. The very high ceiling was arched, and the entire scene exuded an air of ease and grace. The atmosphere felt like it was alive and "sparkling", and I could sense very high vibration frequencies.

This image above is the best I could come up with ~ I'm rather pre-occupied right now so it would have to do although it is far from the awe-inspiring vision I saw. Breathtakingly beautiful and grand, with no trace of false grandeur. It felt "natural".

As I stood there taking all of it in, I realised that the existence behind me was "dissolving". All that existed behind where I stood started to deconstruct, and at a rather rapid pace, too. I felt no alarm and knew that it had to happen.

In the next scene, I saw rows and rows of people neatly lined up in a huge area. I knew they were waiting to enter the hallway, but not yet. Something had to occur first before they could go in, row by row. I got that a different group of people had to enter the hallway first, then these rows would follow in turn. They did not have long to wait ~ the existence in the first scene was fast dissolving so this first group had to enter soon.

I think this is quite a straightforward vision, compared with some of the more complex ones I get. Please use Higher Guidance with what I've written.

Namaste & many Blessings!


  1. Wow! I've been having a vision with similar aspects! A long hallway with pillars, except it is an outdoor hallway...I can't remember the name of those...like the Parthenon, I think. And this outdoor hallway was once filled with people and activity, but it is the thing that is dissolving actually. There are very few people left and it is a sort of junked up, deserted, worn out place. Those who helped create it are gone and I have a sort of resentment that I am still there. They say I can keep having activities there but I resent that since it is basically deserted.

    I also had a feeling of my partner and my relationship being as large and sturdy as a mesa (although, I think it could apply to more things, not just our relationship). I'm realizing there had been a cloud of illusion playing out on top of it...a cloud of personality, dramas, experiences, lessons...all of which were being supported and held by this greater knowingness. Finally the fog is dissolving and I am feeling more clearly the sturdy mesa foundation itself.

    I drew a picture of these scenes just last night. Pillars and all! :D

  2. I just realized from my last comment that the mesa is the stage where the fog play (illusion) has been playing out!
    Also, I'm just realizing (just woke up, haha) that I had a dream last night where someone kept saying that we were "no longer going to be feeding the cell" and therefore it was going to die (dissolve!)

    1. Thank you for sharing your vision :) We are all receiving so much data nowadays, sometimes it feels like a non-stop stream! Many Blessings