25 November 2019

Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 23 November 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

The amplified energies at present are causing many anomalies to occur within your feelings and the feelings of those around you. Deeply embedded emotional issues are brought to the surface upon the slightest triggers arising from the depths of being. Without knowing why, just the energetic remnants of past hurts and issues appear and explode into being before calming and dissipating once again. There will be those who have come into your life to play a part in revealing this to you.

Reaction is the response to revealing these issues, reason does not play a part. There is not always “why” something happens, only 'What is'. And 'What is', may never reveal reason to you.

How one deals with the reaction is based on holding space, understanding and patience. Whilst the Mind will search for reasons that previous experience cannot answer, only the Heart knows how to deal with the feelings created, without the Mind seeking to justify the constant questions that arise.

Taking notice in what is being revealed without necessarily understanding the purpose behind the revelation allows energy to flow. And that alone, allows recognition of self-worth being tested, to occur without question either by justification, judiciousness or judgement.

In these moments, learn to hold space of the feelings, accept what is being presented and allow the energy to move through you without digressing, distraction or dismissal. Each moment that passes is one step further into balance until equilibrium is resumed. Harmony is the result of your personal achievements in this area. Well done for all that you do - for you.

You are Loved and Blessed beyond measure

Paul Dobree - Carey / Polaris AB
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