29 November 2019

Present Time: The Impossible Task ~ Jason Estes ~ 29 November 2019

Source: MTVO

What is Present Time? I've heard so many teachings on "being here now," the Vortex, and many other forms of expression explaining this phenomenon of present time--this expansive principal for changing one's life. However, I have not heard a relative understanding from the eyes of eternal perspective. Today, I began to understand it from this perspective and wish to share my insight with you all.

Present Time is the infiniteness of your being. It is here we begin to find those pieces of us who are not ready for that level of awareness--Many homesteader entities as well as just fixed ideas and beliefs. This spans all the way back to the Atlantean Fall. So, when we hit Present Time, instantly we find more of ourselves--like casting a light grenade into hell. As this happens, often we get down on ourselves and run from present time with various escapes and excuses, but some push through and run right back for more. For those, a deeper level of expansion is found and for a longer duration. With each trip through eternity, more awareness is found and remembered. More of thyself is brought back, and more falling happens in this reality and over and over again until one's life is complete.

This is when a major shift happens. Within the being who has gone into present time countless times, they begin to make allies with themselves throughout time and space and begin to work together to create a bridge. It is here we meet our divinity and begin the journey into becoming it in form.

This journey is the true journey to ascension: to complete a whole level of karma (unresolved or irresponsible energy often known as debt in the 3d) within a single immortal life. This is the journey of every soul who inhabits the earth--both human and animal. We are all here to expand and grow. Most do it through unconscious suffering, but a select few pioneer it through their conscious lives. We have seen these as messiahs, prophets, gods, teachers, angels, guides, ascended masters, and many other names. However, the truth is simple. They are a version of you who waits for you inside of present time and they are ready for you to become them throughout time and space.

But the question still remains: Are you ready? Are you worthy of becoming all you have ever sought outside of yourself? Are you ready to step into present time and meet the you, you have always known you could be? Only you can answer these questions. And in your own time, throughout eternity, you will come to an answer.

See you on the other side.

Peace Love and Light,

Jason Estes

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