08 November 2019

Re-Cap: Galactic Timeline, Energy Streams, Personality Dissolution ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 7 November 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Re-Post: As a recap.

As the Galactic Timeline has now presented, with the recent Electro Magnetic energy that arrived to Gaia and humanity on 2 November, serving as the energetic catalyst that has absolutely started the descent stage I spoke about in this video.

Everyone experiences the descent, but perception thus each’s experience is based entirely on their stage of their ascension stages AND their celebrated uniqueness as a facet of the One.

Hang in there and listen WITHIN as everything ramps up. One Love 💙🙏💙

(Link to video from 12 October 2019)


  1. Franklin Merrell-Wolff ... three Aphorism's

    "Consciosuness-without-an-object IS"

    "Consciosuness-without-an-object is
    neither bondage nor freedom"

    "Outside of Consciosuness-without-an-object nothing IS"

    and "I" add:

    "Consciosuness-without-an-object is
    neither personal nor universal nor galactic"