22 November 2019

Religion ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 21 November 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

A massive campaign is re-launched by those who insist on maintaining slavery on our planet. The imperative is the indoctrination of organized religion now into the awakening/conscious communities. The narrative is that there is only one Christ and it is a person called Jesus and everything else is false. This is biblical and although Bible contains a lot of truth in it, this is a control mechanism injected into it. Yashua was the embodiment of Christ consciousness that brought knowledge to guide people back to INNER Christ. 

A lot of what is coming through people right now is generated by holographic inserts in the astral planes and visitations from the cloned AI programs of Yeshua. Most people who think they are communicating with Jesus right now or not communicating with Jesus, this is a campaign to regain religious programming over the population.

Remain calm and stay in the observer mode no matter what you see, look at everything as if it is a movie that you are not a part of. This does not mean to avoid truth and go into delirium, this means to understand the movie and how it operates but to observe it without emotionally responding to it as to not move yourself into those bandwidths on which those technologies are playing out. It is absolutely essential to understand mind control and how it operates but make sure not to identify with the technologies playing out so that you are not affected by it. Demons, entities etc ... observe without responding or engaging.

Many are very confused and are channeling anything that they see/perceive ... this is due to lack of discernment. 

There are also character assassination campaigns against true Ascension guides. This is to the real people from being able to access genuine guidance. 

Please remain calm and remember that innocent faith in the power of pure love is the greatest power there is 🙏❤️ 

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