25 November 2019

Remembering Unity ~ Jason Estes ~ 25 November 2019

Source: MTVO

What is Unity? 

My definition is going to be different than yours; that’s the beauty of our own personal journeys. My definition is this: Unity is when all aspects of the selves come into wholeness and you remember the I AM that is you and awaken to your full potential.

I know it sounds like a pretty tall order, but look at it this way: Each day you work towards unity you get one step closer. Have you ever climbed a mountain? At first it seems impossible but soon you're at the end and you're wondering how you did it, and the truth is, it's all done one step at a time. Doesn’t seem so hard now does it? In each step, work toward becoming whole and if you do that I promise you many amazing adventures along the way to unity.

And how does one become whole? It's very simple: one step at a time as I said above, but now you're wondering, "How do I make that step?”

Well, here are some helpful tips that have assisted me in my journey.

The first thing is, I come into a state of mastership and ownership. By doing this, I acknowledge I am the creator of my reality - I usually solidify this by doing an action that I can control, i.e. moving an object. Very good, now you’ve established yourself and have started to wake up!

Next, the real fun begins! We start to master our aspects. I know this is a confusing thing, or at least it was for me, so I'll simplify it. An aspect of you is simply just a piece of you that is fragmented. Think of a stained glass window that has fallen from the heavens - now you're starting to see! Yep. Those shards of broken glass are you! Each piece of that glass is an “aspect” of your soul. When you fell from unity into duality and separation, you had to “join the club” so to speak, so you broke yourself into millions of pieces and each one of them wanted to have their own experience. So, now we understand aspects; let's go back.

As the creator and the awakened we have the ability to “remember” our true essence of wholeness. Wow, that was a mouthful. Let's simplify this, shall we? Remember; what does this mean? I like to look at this like spiritual amnesia. When we “fell,” we bumped our head and forgot our own essence. Each experience is helping us to remember that essence. Ok, now I feel like we are ready to come back to center and explain how we can start fusing our souls back together. This is a simple command I use:

“ I ask that all aspects that ______ from all places spaces dimensions and times come forward here and now. With love, and acceptance, and no judgment, I ask you integrate into the wholeness of the fulfilled I am that I am. And, from this place of fulfillment I choose to ______.”
Wow, that’s a lot to process, so let’s break it down and explain how it works.

First, a command is used to issue an order outside of the illusion. Wow, what does that mean? It's very simple. We live in a world built on the concept of a dream. We call this the illusion. So, as the Dreamer, or as I like to say, the Game Designer, we have the ability to add new things or change things instantly. This is what issues a command.

The commands would be,

• ”I ask that all aspects that ______ from all places spaces dimensions and times come forward here and now.

• With love, and acceptance, and no judgment, I ask you integrate into the wholeness of the fulfilled I am that I am.

• From this place of fulfillment, I choose to ______.”

So, let’s break these down. Shall we?

• “I ask that all aspects that ______ from all places spaces dimensions and times come forward here and now.”

This command comes from the whole self, beyond the illusionary self, and states your desire to summon pieces of you (aspects) forward to your awareness, from outside of your awareness.

So, why would they be outside your awareness? There are many reasons, and depending on the case this command bypasses all the illusions and stories that are outside of your awareness. An example of this is a broken heart. Sometimes, the trauma is so great, we decide to hide the truth from ourselves, and as such we create a separate aspect that wants to solve it. However, this aspect is working with less power, and often gets upset or confused, and begins to create walls and barriers to keep us from experiencing that level of trauma again.

One way to look at it is: You have two main things going on always inside of you--Ego mind (past), and conscious mind. Ego mind works in the past only and can never work in the future or the present, while the conscious mind can work in all three. Ok, so, when you hide something, you hand it over to ego to sort out, and when you use this command you're asking ego to give you the pieces so you can integrate them back. Yep, that’s right - I used a big word again, hah. “Integrate,” simply means, to bring back into wholeness.

Let's examine the next command.

• “With love, and acceptance, and no judgment, I ask you integrate into the wholeness of the fulfilled I am that I am.”

This command is very simple.
With love. This is the KEY. This means you are using love to bring everything back. Your original essence is LOVE.

Second is acceptance. You're honoring whatever it was that caused this misalignment.
No judgment. This is the final step and is very important. Remember this--I will say it multiple times: JUDGEMENT = SEPARATION. And, since we are asking to bring it into the essence of who we are, we don’t want separation, do we? The I am that I am, is simply the God Cell or the self beyond the illusion.

• “From this place of fulfillment, I choose to ______.”

This is one of the most important steps. It's here that we are stating, “I AM WHOLE AND I AM FULFILLED. This is what I want.” So, as the designer, you are stating your desire and implementing it. This is huge, as you have just acknowledged to yourself and the universe that you are ready to begin to take your power and create, and that you know how. This is the first step to becoming a whole being.

What is ‘whole of being?’
Very simply put a whole being is just that--a whole being. It means you have taken all the power back from the ego and are fully conscious and aware of everything on all levels. Again, one step at a time.

What is the secret to life?
So many people ask me this question, and I feel it's just as simple as showing up each day and playing. Remember, after all life is a game. and you are the gamer. So, play, and enjoy. Create what you want, and watch as what you want comes into manifestation. But, other than that, follow your joy always! And, your own personal truth - remember this always: there is no right and wrong universally--only what’s right and wrong for you. So, always go with your heart's truth and place ethics in on yourself. This is the key to success.

What’s going on with my friends?

By now, you have no doubt noticed changes in your friends and maybe even your family. Remember, as you come back into wholeness, the mirrors around you must shift with you or leave you. That being said, you're witnessing your internal processes coming out in the reflections of your friends and family. Some of them may be painful to see. It's important not to blame them for anything, and to honor yourself. This means, keep your toxicity low. As a spiritual being, we have to play the higher, more nobler game, and as such we allow them to play their game no matter what it is. We do have a choice--to play with them or not.

At this point, I would like to point out: We are playing an omni-dimension game. This means we are playing out an infinite number of realities and worlds and lives at any given moment, so sometimes our family and friends are coming into this moment to show us stuff from our future or past. Again, don’t judge or blame. Just witness and love.

What is power?
This is one of the most important questions and I have yet to hear a universal answer. To me power is the ability to be love and peace, to impose your own ethics on yourself and follow it, and to become responsible for your world. Remember, in the end, all you can ever change is you. When you affect others, you are co-creating.

How do I claim my power?

You already have started this by stepping into your creator shoes. However, as you stand more in your power and play with more responsibility, you will notice you become a much more powerful manifestor.

What is true love?

Wow. This is a loaded question, haha. No, not really. True love is love without suffering and separation.

“Wow, Jason. That’s not possible.” I agree--it wasn’t. Now it is, and that’s what we are being asked to work on--TRUE LOVE of OURSELVES.

“Wow, you said selves?” Yes, I did. That’s because, remember all those aspects that are still trying to find their way into wholeness? A lot of the times you might not understand why they are there, but you need to love them all no matter what they are. See them as a baby. If it helps, send them pink light, which is the frequency of unconditional love.

I have been told everyone is a mirror. What does that mean?

As I stated above, they are your reflections. So, they are mirroring your innermost thoughts and desires. So, pay attention to what is going on around you at all levels. This means the elements, the cars, the people, the words, the passer-bys, the colors, the clarity, and crispness. Yep, that’s right. All of it is you! Remember, take it one step at a time. You have all the time in the world.

What does meditation do?

This is where we start to do major self-work. Meditation helps us make a conscious command to take time away from the illusionary world, and to remember at an accelerated rate what we forgot when we became separate from our whole self. I highly recommend meditation.

It is important to note that meditation is a state of being and not an action. There are many actions that can activate the state of meditation. However, eventually, you are meditation. So, find what activates meditation for you. It may not be the same for others. Remember, judgment = separation, so let us avoid that.

Are drugs helpful for Spiritual Awareness?
In my personal opinion, no. And here is why. Yes, they do help you open your awareness. That I cannot disprove. However, they also toxify your body. It is only a temporary awareness with a huge downfall. So, look at it this way. Through meditation you can reach the same states. It may take you a little longer than a quick fix, but the results are permanent instead of temporary, and it detoxes the body instead of toxifies it. And, as we go on I will explain more on how important it is to keep the body detoxified.

Peace Love and Light,

Jason Estes

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