07 November 2019

Special 3-Month Quantum Energy Report: Gaia's Crystalline Grids & Templates ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 5 November 2019

This void space can sometimes be the best place to exist....

Source: Awakening to Remembering

We've begun a very important and intricate clearing, re-mapping and re-coding process in conjunction with Gaia and Cosmically that affects every living and breathing organism on this planet...

To understand how our physical bodies link-up to everything through our bodies' DNA, templates and more, means to comprehend the magnificence of what's possible beyond anything any of us understood before....

So keep your heart/mind/energy wide open to what you hear/see/feel/know deep inside and how this will correlate to your own reality/world/body's processes as they occur on a Quantum/cellular/DNA/molecular/atomic level and play out in your multi-dimensional experience we call "life".

I will summarize many things and be-bop all over the vibrational non-linear place/space (Quantum Geometrics) to share this overview for awareness and to support all who utilize as highest vibrationally aligned on a Soul Level here. ♥  H.e.r.e. w.e. g.o...

On October 31th we passed through a huge "null zone", which opened up portals/energetic vortexes and passageways, beyond important for this next phase and the continuing anchoring of the 2020 template codes that many have been working with. The importance of this entire period is a huge Quantum Jump for Collective HUmaNITY, our planet, all inhabitants.... one that we've been leading up to all along...

Often, until we "arrive" at a certain point, we are often unable to "see"/know what's coming next. This occurs all along the way, as a "completion cycle" must occur for the "next phase" to become visible.... as all is vibrational, energetic, Quantum and completely non-linear in every way. While we can see some linearity, it's not like before. It's a vibrational framework and reference points, rather than a limit or fixed thing like before.... It's energetic and based upon different equational parameters than linear realities were. It's based on density/linearity, light codes and Consciousness and all things Quantum....

When I awoke on November 1st, the first thing I observed was an Energy Report (that I never wrote/put out) titled "Embrace Your Inner-Power as Love". It was short and sweet, so I'll share it here and then move onto the next thing that then became visible/available, which turned into a massive 3-month overview, which is what I am also writing/sharing here as well.

Embrace Your Inner-Power as Love
Embrace Your Own Inner Beauty
Embrace your kindness, compassion, caring
Embrace your own Magic and Creator Aspect
Embrace YOU fully AS YOU ARE
Perceived "flaws" and all
BE YOU FULLY - Your Highest and Most Pure, Beautiful Divine YOU
Shine Your Light as Bright as You ARE
Hold Your Energetic Field/Space with the magnificence and simplicity of your pure heart
Your Innocent heart
Your most Sacred You
Your Brilliant, Vibrant and Exciting you...
LIVE fully.... your Divinity, Sovereignty, Excitement and Enthusiasm
Free of the distortions of before... ♥

Please read on....

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