09 November 2019

Steve Nobel | Ascend ~ 7 November 2019

Please visit Natalie Louise Fox's channel to watch this video.

The on-going Collective Awakening will only increase in intensity as the year comes to a close (especially for those who did not awaken earlier due to adverse circumstances).

This video is beneficial for those in our circles who are going through such a phase ~ Steve Nobel does an excellent job of breaking it down into palatable bites so anyone who hasn't a clue about Spirituality can easily comprehend, and yet provide sufficient details so as not to create confusion.

I also recommend this to anyone reading this post ~ we may already know all that Steve is saying, but it's still a great video to watch nonetheless.

Here's the description provided:
In September 2019 I had the privilege of interviewing Steve Nobel (http://www.thesoulmatrix.com). Here is the first part of that interview.

Steve discusses topics such as the meaning of spirituality, the three paths of awakening, how to discover your soul purpose, how to overcome poverty consciousness and his popular YouTube meditations. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to see part 2 (coming soon), where Steve discusses multidimensionality, starseeds and how to live a 5D life.

http://www.natalielouisefox.com http://www.aphroditerising.com

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