28 November 2019

The Energies & Opportunities ~ Maureen Moss ~ 27 November 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

Adding to what Amanda Lorence wrote about the strong incoming waves plus Cosmic energies and our perceived intensity of our experiences (Yes,) I feel we would do well to actually recognize our perception of experience...

What is it? Is is true? Where is it coming from? Does it make you sad or angry or defeated? Go honestly into discovery.

Go then into your hearts as well as your power...your authentic power to help pull you into the Light (Truth)....without going into Warrior mode or crumbling under the pressure that is there to build you.

It is not only the Angelic/Galactic senstives affected and reactive. At times we Angels who are Warriors with wings can be most affected.

I for one carry the Warrior Gene and have for lifetimes. My work of late has been to transmute it without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

For me, these energies brought the perfect catalyst. And, I was well aware as to its perfect timing.(The Universe absolutely listens in to everything!) My response...ok lets do it. I'm all in...until it's all out.

For years when invocating, I have long prefaced it, "From the Love, the Power and the Light of God I Am (and then invocate from there.) Using those same words I dove and still am diving deep to transmute and balance without giving mySelf away.

The energies at work now and for the month ahead are pushing us and putting into our field final catalysts that force us to face whatever arises without reaction (for more than a few hours ๐Ÿ˜Œ)... to own it, take refuge in the Divinity of our hearts and hold space for the animated parts of ourselves to rise and realize we don't need the aspects of ourselves that are not harmonious with the True Love, the Power, and the Light of God I Am. It is amazing how quickly one can transmute what no longer fits.

A gift from this season of Cosmic activity, for one is clarity. Clarity for one to deeply consider how to use the balance of both power and heart without judgment for being sensitive or strong, even powerful, while being in your heart and "loving yourself so much that you are able to trust you will not set up any circumstances that go against yourself." (Rumi)

We are walking fine lines now. Watchfulness and Mindfulness are required as we create and craft with Consciousness who we are Raising OurSelves to be.

It is important to learn and cultivate all relationships within ourselves. How does our power work with our heart? How does one have boundaries and yet be flexible? How does one use the frequencies at hand to enhance and balance Consciousness, Heart, Power and Love?

How deep will we go to use these energetic waves, and Key Codes to Self-Realize, not Self conceptualize and hold Trueness in the face of direct firings of the minds justifications.

These re-defining fine lines we walk are the finest we have walked thus far.

There is a thrill and fascination that exists with each conscious step that spurs us on to use what is put in front of us and energetically and with frequencies specific... craft the new state of our being..to take the less established patterns of Wholeness and Christed Consciousness and begin weaving them into the fabric of our Advancing Being.

We will find, more vivid than ever, a New State of our being rising from what appeared to be our suppression, sabotage, shadow and perceptions as the next Gateway, 12-12 opens and Solstice on 12-21 opens even wider. Right now we are being prepped for the rest of our lives.

We are Blessed To Be Here Now. And so I say Rise Up Powerful Human. You are the one most admired in the Cosmos. You've got this.

Breath and anchor onto this planet and into the grid, the Love, the Power, and the Light of God you are.

Namaste Beloveds Namaste
To those celebrating Thanksgiving, may it be blessed.


Infinite and Deep Love

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