20 November 2019

The Higher Self Leads...Freedom Codes on Point ~ Maureen Moss ~ 19 November 2019

Carole Franques
Our journey forward would not be possible without the presence/merger of our own Divinity....

Source: Maureen Moss

As most know I had quite the scare as my furnace was being maintained last week (without any problems happening with it to my knowledge,) because my Higher Self told me to have it done. They found carbon monoxide leaking and fire melting wires inside the heat exchange! Condemned!

Fast forward, waiting for the furnace to be replaced Wednesday, My Higher Self yesterday said to have a mold inspection. Ok...I didn't even think to do something different.

Out he came, (same day,) everything was fine, though he said while looking around, your hot water heater is leaking. And, there is water under your house and under your dishwasher.

What? And he was the mold inspector! Ok.

My hot water heater was but two years old. I breathed, immediately called the warranty company and the mold inspector suggested what plumber to call.

I did and out he came, great guy, same day, fixed it, found another leak from the bath tub drain leaking water under the house, fixed it and said, Maureen the pipes behind the hot water heater need replacing (he showed me photos.) I'll take care of it and the price will be right.

What the heck?? I felt like I was in a movie and angels were hovering around, or in my house.

So interesting too that everything had been hiding! It wasn't lost on me for a moment.

Clearly I could have gone into quite a spin (and I did for a day when my furnace happened,) however my Higher Self said, every structure, every repair, every leak, everything hidden, everything broken requires fixing now and will surface... inside or out. Keep your frequency high, stay calm, be grateful and everything will be taken care of easily.

It has been, actually.

Months ago I committed that whatsoever needed awareness, clearing, or release whether in my DNA... where I have been working tirelessly... or my house... (which I had no idea would be another catalyst,)...would be complete before walking through the upcoming Gateways.

What I am realizing also is that more and more my Higher Self is taking over my life...and without resistance, preference, or even questioning any longer. That feels so good♥️

Thank you Freedom Codes...they are proving to be incredibly and amazingly fascinating in the way they are working.

Be Blessed, be Mindful and Grateful. It's all happening to serve us.


Image artist Carole Franques

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