10 November 2019

The More You Wake Up ~ Lee Harris ~ 9 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

The more you wake up, the more sensitive you become.

The more sensitive you become to people around you, the more open you become to yourself, and the more many of the people in your life will start to shift and change.

Some of you have already been through this process and for some of you, it is yet to come. Why? You will need new people. Not every single individual will need to change. For some of you it will simply be a change in you because you will already have the perfect set of people around you. You will lead the way for them by developing the consciousness, awareness and love inside yourself - and they will respond to this in you.

This is not the story for everyone. Many of you have experienced rejection, people pulling away or sometimes attacking because love is a force that you are either ready for or not. Every single individual holds within them the full potential to experience enlightenment, as you like to call it, on this Earth. That is without question - but it will not be the choice that all will make.

- From The Essence of Relationships MP3

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