15 November 2019

The Release of Anger Will Sponsor a Growth of Love ~ Lee Harris ~ 14 November 2019

The release of anger will sponsor a growth of Love

I see anger ultimately as the raging emotion we have when we feel disconnected from our Self ~ an escalation from the fear that arises and terrifies the individual so much when they are unable/unwilling to acknowledge the existence of their Self.

Source: Lee Harris

It will be the release of anger in your world that will promote more love.

The anger that has been kept down inside so many, the anger that is the sadness and the frustration of the state of your world but also the state of your own personal world.

That is an anger that need not fester. It can be released gently, internally. It can be brought up to the surface of you and in doing so it moves through the heart. It sends fire through the heart and allows the heart to expand.

And when the anger is released, you will experience more of your love.

- From Love, Anger and Spiritual Fire MP3

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