27 November 2019

There IS Pluto ~ Alexander Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 26 November 2019

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

“There Was,” “There Is” and “There Will Be.”

Time is a key influence in all our past, present, and future endeavors. These are the processes available for achieving All Potential.

“There Was” is a condition of the past. “There Was” serves as a reminder of an action completed – a lesson learned.

“There Will Be” fulfills the conditions of intention during a state of consciousness in transformation.

“There Is” completely fulfills the Truth of ALL in the Now Present Moment.

The Sun, Moon, and planets within Mother Earth’s Solar System contribute to our sense of Time. The Stars surrounding our Solar System provide a framework to assess the pattern of our Solar System’s movement. From the surface of our Mother Earth we see, we feel, and we sense our Presence and our Gifts within our Universe to co-create the entire world we live in!

We The People of the United States of America Are One Collective Energy. We have a history as a nation and a people. We have been big Light for the World. We have been big Shadow for the world. Not for the first time in history, we are at a chaotic fork in the road as a Collective. Historically, as a united nation, the people have come together in times of chaos and darkness.

Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are dancing towards the end of a 34 year cycle in which the good ole USofA is being asked to face its Shadow – to pay attention to the world within and above us and to ask “Who Are We Now?” Ancestral woundings are triggered now. Understanding the archetypical energies of Pluto assists and supports humanity – both individually, as well as Collectively – in our journey towards liberation from our past wounding.

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