30 November 2019

Transformation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 November 2019

The merge of Higher Selves and the lower self is a beautiful process which takes focus, dedication and a wide-open heart
The 2020 Gate ~ already in progress ~ brings us the strongest light levels of our process
They have already begun to shift our awareness

Source: Sandra Walter

Pure Ascension frequencies are flooding our realities and #consciousness, in order to reveal the already #Ascended planetary platform for a brand new experience known as The New Earth. That vibration saturates open hearts to provide a new experience of our Christed Self and Source-Self.

This ebook is intended to serve as preparation and reminders for our transition into a new level of #Embodiment.

We prepare and fine-tune ourselves to receive this opportunity with as much ease and grace as possible.

Free download at http://www.sandrawalter.com/aligning-with-the-2020-energies-ebook-now/

Because #Ascension

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