30 November 2019

Tree of Knowledge ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 24 November 2013

Laura Eisenhower wrote this in 2013 but the message is likely even more relevant today than it was then....

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Tree of Life (Earth, Womb and Heavens - roots and branches), which is now the Tree of Knowledge, has put us in the lessons of duality, with the challenge of having our belief systems manipulated through false history, distorted mythologies, religion and the programmings of our society in the way that the Masculine and Feminine are represented.

The Tree of Knowledge is about our path as humans, in the face of some genetic tampering to keep us unaware of our higher self, until we take the initiative to Awaken. God Source cannot be manipulated, but our mental bodies and Chakras can, which creates dormancy in our highest DNA strand potential, which is junk DNA.

The Ancient Archetypal energies and the dramas that are playing out, we have inherited to harmonize from within. We then send out a frequency of wholeness and unity, which raises the vibration of the planet and self, as the planetary body also fell in vibration to 3-D . It is an Ascending planet with a 13-D monadic core, so this is temporary.

The dramas and the by product of the negative energy emitted, is what feeds the Archon network and all negative agendas. This is due to genetic manipulation and technologies that were placed in specific areas to infect the grid lines and reverse hybridization healing attempts, for the Luciferians and fallen angelics, who joined in with this Soul family, through infection. It also attacked Spiritual marriage.

They attach to us through parasitic astral entities and etherial implants, but not just that - going all the way back to Atlantis. We are greatly challenged on this quest for Truth and Knowledge, and many believe that Knowledge is found from some teaching or something outside of the self. True knowledge is self awareness, so we have to be willing to step back and fall back on ourselves, so that we are not led astray.

We are needing to enter the Dream time of Gaia, rather than the nightmare of the Artificial Matrix and Archonic deception. Seeking knowledge and wisdom from the self, can allow us to have better discernment about others and what people are sharing. This gives us an opportunity to take what resonates and leave the rest, without blame or judgement on the stuff that we don't connect with.

If we go to a buffet, we pick and choose what we want to eat, and that is because we know what we need and what we are hungry for, the challenge comes when we fall into addiction and that often is a response to feeling unstable within and lost in the externalization of knowlege, which leaves us feeling never fed, so one is then in search of appeasement to fill an empty void.

When we find our own self-awareness and recognize that the path to knowledge is in knowing our own multi-dimensional energy and Soul essence which is a microcosm of the World Soul and Nature with all her elements, we can begin to draw in Spirit, activate our Divine Blueprint and connect with the Sun within the Earth that is a Star. This purifies the negative Ego and helps us to recognize the power Spirit has over matter and we begin to see the results. When this happens, we have found Knowledge and Gnosis.

This is when we are in the Gaia Dream and we have released ourselves of the Negative Ego that came from genetic manipulation and the downloading of the Reptilian mindset, in functioning separate from Spirit. When it functions with Spirit, we become the highest vibration of Dragon Kundalini energy and the self-realized Ego becomes a vehicle that can bring in and activate the Light of Spirit, by merging the Solar Plexus with the heart, Venus, the Goddess.

This activates our DNA and allows us to recognize our inner Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine, which brings it forward and it becomes our words and actions, transmuting and purifying and bringing us back into Balance - through our unique role to unify us All to be One with this together. This overthrows the agendas of Domination and Control and the Archonic entities that like us to stay divided, out of balance within ourselves and following belief systems that we can either wake up from, or give our power away to.

When we realize that we can believe in our own Divine Power through facing our shadow and clearing it and becoming fully Conscious - we will see that we have Sovereignty and the liberation to work with our creative imagination. We can see Truth and experience it, rather than believe in something that can't be proven until we become it ~ The Tree of Life that we all are!

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