25 November 2019

Understanding the Three Phases of Awakening ~ Jason Estes

Source: Jason Estes

Phase 1 is 3d, phase 2 is 4d and phase 3 is 5d, this shows you where we are heading and helps you work on integrating the parts of you who are not quite there yet  

Understanding the Three Phases of Awakening

For many years i have witnessed people claim to be awake and then looked at their actions and how they treated others and themselves and was perplexed but after years of witnessing and my own personal growth i have seen 3 distinct phases of awakening
i reference it a few times here and there in updates but today i'm going to break them down in an easy to understand way. 

Phase 1: Entity

This phase is more of a battle within but its the beginning of learning who you are. most who call themselves awakened are here they know there is a struggle they have read countless books or gone to several workshops and believe they are enlightened
this is a very dangerous phase for the being because they do not know what they do not know, and they pretend to know a great deal which leads others to many hardships and leads them to amasses much karma
this phase is a big phase and can last lifetimes, however each step into personal ethics and responsibility makes this phase much less dangerous
A check list for phase 1:
Am i in anyway taking from someone or something with out balancing it in return?
Do you speak in a way that demands respect?
Am i trying to prove something?
and finally, is the world around me real or is it just a hologram?
Its important to note each phase has a % ratio so if your 51% or greater in phase 1 your considered phase one by the laws of karma and responsibility. which means while you may be amassing karma your not feeling its effects heavily quite yet. 

Phase 2: Personality

This phase is when you have claimed your power and responsibility back from entities and begun the journey of self mastery and sufficiency. those who are in phase 2 are often hailed as avatars and great beings who have changed the world, they have their own inner struggle and are very aware of their mistakes and have usually forgiven themselves for them
they do not hide who they are instead relish in the chance to shine and show off who they are but they do this with out taking from others and often end up oversharing and hindering their own self in the process. these beings are great to be around and often bring up the space they are in, most of them become exhausted and age poorly because of the constant overflow and giving off self.
A checklist for Phase 2:
Am i constantly tired?
Do i feel like the world needs me to survive?
Do i feel the world owes me something?
Am i constantly teaching and never listening and making time for myself?
And finally do i feel i know a ton and want to share but have no money in my bank account and no way to do what i want to do?

Phase 3: Divinity

This phase is when you have claimed your power back from the personality and live in accordance with divine will and are totally self sufficient. these beings have been hailed as Gods and truly do change the world around them for the good of all 
they have enormous will and responsibility and understand consequence. they seldom make mistakes and always choose to be a fountain and to share only when they have cleared what they share and come from a state of total mastery.
its important to note that the divinity phase is also called the Immortal game this is the phase you begin to work through karma at all levels and stations of lives from all timelines and time-tracks and begin to elevate into cosmic time.
A checklist for phase 3:
Am i willing to do what ever it takes to be authentic?
DO i impose ethics in on myself?
Am i willing to give myself consequence to learn?
Do i enjoy every moment as if it were the perfect game designed for my own personal evolvement?
Do i handle things in present time?
and finally is the world truly made better by the example i set in my own personal practice.

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