26 November 2019

"Yes" to Others but "No" to Yourself ~ Lee Harris ~ 25 November 2019

When are you saying "yes" to others by saying "no" to yourself?

Source: Lee Harris

You are a very wise, sensitive soul.

And when you ask the question of your sensitivity, “What do I need today?” It will tell you.

But if you don't make time to ask the questions, and then don't make time to follow-up on what the questions desired, your sensitivity will start to erode itself or feel traumatized.

The big key here is, when are you saying ‘yes’ to others by saying ‘no’ to yourself? The good of the group - the good of the energy in the room - is something that sensitives can adopt early on; and yet it comes and backfires on you later in life if you don't start to recognize that your safety is not dependent on changing the frequency of the room you are in.

Your safety is dependent on being able to ask the question, is this the right room for me? And depending on the answer, taking the action accordingly to move yourself to the right room for you.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3


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