23 December 2019

A (Spiritual) Night Before Christmas ~ Matt Kahn ~ 22 December 2019

Source: Matt Kahn

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home
All chakras were spinning and adorned with an OM
All stockings were hung on the chimney with care
As intentions went out with heartfelt prayer

When out on the lawn arose such a clatter
And so I perceived, an illusion of matter
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
Archangels and Masters—ascension is near

In timeless presence, through my window pane
It was Michael, Buddha, and St. Germaine
They asked for forgiveness for causing me fright
And held space for my process as I merged into light

We honored all the corners and took time just to be
Then gave me a mantra to repeat after me
I unwrapped a CD—it was Deva Premal
I’ve been so loving, are you sure that’s all?

They honored my presence and proclaimed me the best
And as for more gifts, please empath the rest
What a cruel joke, my ego appealed
As I loved all the feelings that came to be healed

I’m not one to blame, but please tell me Lord
Where did my gifts go that you can afford
As the masters dissolved and left in a flash
Leaving nothing behind, not even some cash

Then in front of my face, I saw so clear
It was Santa, his sleigh, and eight reindeer
They didn’t even stop, just continued their flight
Merry Christmas inner child, it just wasn’t your night.

Many blessings of laughter. Happy Holy-days!!

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