28 December 2019

Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 28 December 2019

2020: The year people become known, seen, felt, for their energetic frequency.
2020 allows MASSES to become energetically sensitive, to feel one another's energetic frequency. Energy  just IS
Historically, humanity learnt to mask and hide energetiec frequency.
2020 sees that collapse in on itself. For natural purity to be born of our humanity

Source: Amanda Lorence


Solstice was the activation light node point, for the initial embodiment stage of what we have so far called our ‘Higher Self’. We called it that, as at prior stages, whilst it had become accessible, it still felt separate to our physical human experience. The Solstice Gateway (that remains open for any to match it’s frequency), changed that separation. We now develop into becoming our Higher Consciousness (Higher Self), and some will develop into God Consciousness, over the next seven years.

It becomes less accurate to use the term “Higher Self” now that we are gently becoming it. As it is now in and around the human physical vessel. So not separate (not Higher) to our experience as consciousness. It is a non solid. Yet is FELT in and around the vessel as an energy in constant motion. An energetic felt physically. It is a force field of energy you will be merging with, becoming, working with, in flow, naturally so. Over the next period of time. Where the previous version of you fades away, becoming only a memory of previous experience, and at the same time, you are becoming your “Higher Self”. It was all you, just experiencing different degrees of consciousness, via Hertz differentiation, higher and lower energetic frequencies. Frequency (Hertz) allows different experiences of our Self. Of what we are.

Less are at this stage just NOW. Yet far far more will begin to experience this stage in March 2020. If you are at this stage, what to do, unfolds within you, specific to YOUR FACET. You are your Source and Source Field of light. Your connection to God WITHIN and WITHOUT becomes the main focus. As I’ve previously said, this is a gentle step by step change from within, that develops over some amount of linear time.

We are ENERGY. We are not ‘human beings’. We are ENERGY having had the experience of thinking we are JUST human, separated from all things including God. All along, we were in fact ENERGY, having an experience of being in a solid human vessel. Any solid, is just condensed light. The only reason our light is concentrated within the body and outside of our body in our OWN LIGHT FIELD, is to allow for INDIVIDUAL perception. The light has to be concentrated into a certain field in order to have INDIVIDUAL perceptions. This perception can expand into the “All That Is”, into the “Whole”, but then it has no individualised perception of it’s own. It simply has ALL perception of everything and nothing. It is through the creation of CONCENTRATED LIGHT, that a LIGHT NODE is formed by Source Creator, that God creates INDIVIDUAL perceptional experiences of ITSelf.


As human beings in forgetfulness of ITSelf behind the ‘veil’, the human SEEKS to KNOW itself. And in that seeking, it defines itself again and again and again. In that search, it can find new definition and cling to that. Yet they are more than that definition found. We are not a definition. The true nature of us, is not defined by human linear words or thoughts. WORDS are a stepped down frequency and vibration of a higher energy. The moment we use words, we start to define things, ourselves and others. Before the words, there was a THOUGHT. And those thoughts were trying to define ENERGY. More specifically, trying to define VIBRATION and FREQUENCY. But before the THOUGHT, there is ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION. And it is that, that we each experience in it’s original purity and truth or as a distortion (stepped down frequency). It is the THOUGHTS defined by the processor MIND, trying to define energy, then the WORDS trying to define the THOUGHTS, that takes us further and further away from our PURE STATE and HIGHER FREQUENCY ABILITIES.

To not define ourselves and others, to not think thoughts of ANY thing, anything, frees the MIND to simply allow the being to feel and work with ENERGY. To FEEL what they are, which is energy (consciousness). And the more we do this, the less subtle IT is. The ‘louder’ ENERGY becomes to us. Where previously, it was the Mind: the thoughts, the words, the spoken, the written, that was the loudest, and the ENERGY felt very subtle, because the ego Mind was loud (strong). The human experience was so loud (over-riding). The moment we drop into silence, we start to become sensitive to the ENERGY we actually are. And the more we exercise this, the louder the ENERGY becomes. Louder in the sense that it becomes less subtle; increasingly physically felt, seen, heard AS...VIBRATION and FREQUENCY. Continued choice, of being just that, being energy, we become our HIGHER SELF.

Our Higher Self is just ENERGY. A Concentrated Light Node of certain individualised geometrical structure. It is not human. It is condensed LIGHT (a non solid energy). And so we are guided on our ascension to drop the noice of thoughts, drop definitions, talk less, in order to become MORE...the Higher Self that is not the human experience. And the more we choose to do this, the stronger the experience becomes. The more we become IT first.

Our Higher Self is not a personality OR another personality for us to become. And this is why we drop aspects of the human personality that are seen to be of distortion/false of the Self. Higher Self is concentrate light energy, that operates, attracts, frequency to frequency. Higher Self does not use human words, or have human thoughts, it operates as LIGHT ENERGY, in a non gravitational field. It is a concentrated LIGHT NODE ENERGY, capable of merging WITH infinite ENERGY frequencies and infinite other light nodes to create experience for it’s individualised consciousness (for Source to experience ITSelf).

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to describe, to try and assist you. Because it’s HOW to describe what you are becoming...?

Our Higher Self is affiliated with the Soul, and affiliated with our Light Body but our HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS is another PART or element of our whole yet individualised FACET.

The Higher Self (Consciousness) is energy WITHIN the body and OUTSIDE of the human body. It is felt physically AND energetically all at the same time. It moves as energy felt. It is a structure that is not solid. What on your ascension path seemed separate to you, becomes a part of you. To then predominantly become you. It always was you. So your perception changes. The human body is in the physical realm, the Higher Self is not, yet it FEELS as if it IS a part of your experience here. No longer separate to you. What I am about to say now is DEEP...
You can see it. But you can only SEE it WITH your feelings. You can not see it by thought, only by feeling...which is YOU being ENERGY. We grow to learn to physically SEE WITH our FEELINGS. Working (merging) with the Higher Self, is our WILL saying “yes” to it, so it becomes less and less subtle as we go. And thus, you become very aware, you are becoming the ‘Presence’ of your Higher Consciousness. One step at a time. It is YOUR natural process, and inevitable (magnetic) return.


There are far more topics that become more known, more seen, more understood as we now begin to become conscious of becoming the Higher Self: Dream time, God, the illusion, the 4D we come away from, How our Consciousness was made and works, our gifts to give OUT at perfect timing. But too much to write in this one article. I’ll write more, as I can.

Energies ARE high, in a sense pushing us to respond to our OWN journey. The Solar Eclipse energies have lasted two days...huge and empowering.

Will see TWO types of streams experienced by humanity:
1] Those that are now embodying Higher Self, continue to see, hear, feel, grow, understand, what they are becoming, just one day at a time. They become MORE of what they are becoming.
2] Energies will push us to see blindspots within, that are distorted human mind patterns just to see, clear, understand, dissolve. All part of the journey of ascension. These can be associated with believing you are “Less than” or believing you are “More than”. So more humans come into balanced energetic state and become more of their true essence.

MARCH 2020:
More enter the Solstice 2019 Gateway, to begin embodying their Higher Self.

Regardless of any detail shared, all that matters is YOUR perception. Your journey, your path to Self Realisation. All your power is within you, not on the outside. The dream holds and presents the clues. And so perfectly designed for YOU, by YOU. So please just take what resonates and discard the rest.

So much Love to all, One,
Amanda Lorence
28 December 2019

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