28 December 2019

And Now....2020!

Very often now, I think it's pointless to mention how intense these energies are, because they are so powerful all the time.  It's like the energies reach the level of Are-You-Kidding and settles in for a few days, becomes the new benchmark, and before we know it, we've got the next tranche of energies coming in at the Take-No-Prisoners level, which then becomes the new normal, and so on again.

The Annular Solar Eclipse
This event generated a strong stir of excitement across a number of countries in Asia, including mine....and I got to watch it! I looked directly with my naked eyes, although only for a few seconds at a time. There was thick cloud cover for most of the day but miraculously (yep, that Magic & Miracles thing) the clouds parted just enough for the Sun and Moon to peek through at the right time ~ perfect Divine Timing. The image you see at the top and just below were taken by a friend's brother, while the third one was taken by me (we are about 300 km apart). Note the highly interesting cloud formations and colours. The first one looks like Lightwork is being done on his Heart Centre.
So, that's the Sun's mission accomplished for this timeframe prior to heading into 2020. It seems like this timeframe started with the 2017 "Great American Eclipse", followed by several other Solar & Lunar Eclipses in between, and finally book-ended by this Annular Solar Eclipse ~ all had very different functions, especially the "bookends", but with the same ultimate Ascension objective.

Somehow, it seems that many felt this last-for-this-decade Eclipse to be something special and supernatural.

Light Codes for the Body
Yes, the Solar Eclipse energies....phew. Amanda Lorence pointed them out (here) ~ they were already starting to make their presence felt on the 25th. As Amanda also said, the energies are working on our physical bodies ~ I so agree.

I feel that these recent set of energies are hitting the Heart pretty adamantly. More specifically, the High Heart Centre. It's like a deep cleansing and renewal, burning off unwanted vestiges and resulting literally as High Heart Burn. Our High Heart is expanding into the vastness of its Cosmic nature ~ hence the need to stretch the chest area frequently.

We had a Heart Influx on the 21st as per Jason Estes (here), and I do believe these are all connected, including what I see in the first photo.

Our Sun & New Codes
Celia Fenn/AA Michael wrote in their recent article (here):
Eclipses are moments when the Earth grids are seeded with new energies and ideas that will grow and expand as time passes.  A Solar eclipse is especially powerful as it allows the Sun to "switch off" momentarily while new codes are "booted" into the grids.
This is exactly what I felt, too. So today, the day after the Eclipse, I checked in on our Sun ~ the codes looked and felt different. I must mention here that in the few days leading to the Solar Eclipse, I couldn't "see" the codes very well. They were blurry and not very well-defined. Thankfully I didn't worry about it, but at that time I didn't think to connect that experience with the upcoming Eclipse.

So back to the new codes. At first, I thought they looked like geometry that was "blossoming", but I was quickly corrected and got "vortices". Not one massive vortex, but smaller ones all over. This was interesting because years ago I wrote that instead of the "Wave" that sources were talking about, I saw a Vortex.

That's all the information I have about these new codes. When (or if) I understand more or get additional details, I will write about them.

As I write this, I just remembered that Patricia Cota-Robles' recent vlog (here) was about our body's Elemental Vortices being activated. Physical body upgrades, vortices....more connecting threads!

Signs of Change?
And now, for some interesting stories.

Just in the past couple of weeks, I noticed three separate events that made me feel even more optimistic than my usual Eternal Optimist nature. I will briefly describe them.

I have a long-term dear friend who was my colleague in my very first job. She was the one who one day pronounced to me bluntly but truthfully, "You're not suited for the corporate world." She was my steadfast friend then, and is still my steadfast friend today.

Now, what's interesting with our relationship is that despite (in spite of) her knowing me fairly well with all the spiritual and hidden history stuff (she's curious and asks questions), she's pretty much a mainstream person. One of the things I've been suggesting to her for years is to get off her meds and seek natural alternatives ~ of course she doesn't listen because her doctor is the "expert", not me.

Recently, she surprised me when she announced that she was getting off her meds....no, not because she agreed with me, but because her doctor-nephew told her so. What's so surprising is not that she listened to him, but that her nephew ~ a doctor in a major hospital ~ told her that most meds make the condition they are supposed to "treat", worse. He told her that her meds for Osteoporosis would make her bones as "brittle as glass" and that her Calcium supplements would worsen the condition.

Whoa. A doctor told her that.

This next story was full of surprises for me. I was invited to a buffet lunch talk by Will Tuttle recently. I didn't know who he was, but gladly went because of the company, very reasonable price (likely subsidised) and vegan buffet, which is something uncommon. At the table where I sat, I found out that the two persons sitting beside me were doctors. As the talk progressed, I realised that the event was organised by two other doctors. And towards the end of the talk, one of the organising doctors called out a table of 8, ALL of whom were doctors from easily the most prestigious private hospital in the country! He ended the talk by admitting that he and most of his doctor friends know that plant-based protocols were best, but could not "prescribe" them to patients because the Insurance companies "would not be happy" and that would get them into trouble with their respective hospitals (which are after all, not hospitals but corporations).

During the lunch itself, I was told that several more doctors were present at the event. That was indeed a day full of surprises!

The last story took place on Christmas Day. It was after a family meal and we wandered over to the nearby stage where a choir was preparing for their performance. A huge crowd had already gathered, with lots of children sitting on the floor in front of the stage, and I was about to walk off when something(s) caught my eye. Each member of the all-male adult choir had a version of a teddy bear with him. Most were holding one, while a few had them tied to their belt loop. I stopped to listen ~ and I wasn't disappointed. They were good, but what impressed me more was the fact that they all brandished their teddy bears with aplomb, in public, on stage, without the slightest trace of embarrassment. And all looking very manly at that. And all without the need for masks or costumes.

The Dancing Conductor had his teddy bear fixed on his left shoulder.

I would like to view these stories as signs of beneficial change beginning to take root ~ where doctors are beginning to see past their years of brainwashing, where there is more awareness of what contributes to our health, where real men move away from conditioned attitudes of the Distorted Masculine. Changes that represent the dissolution of deception, revelation of Truth, and the healed Divine Masculine.

2020 ~ the Year upon which so much focus is now hinged. What was it that Judy Satori called 2020?....yes ~ the Year of Hope, and Hope Fulfilled.

I've said before several times, we don't buckle up....we fly. And now I say, we don't just fly, we FLY HIGH. Like Winged Unicorns.

Namaste, Love & Many Blessings! πŸ’–πŸ’œ

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