02 December 2019

Avatara Ananda Updates ~ 1 December 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

Those of you on galactic missions are about to be activated in ways you can’t yet comprehend. We are neutralizing galactic war timelines and clearing the records themselves so if you are still holding on to any resentment towards Nephilim or any other members of the fallen ones ... be very careful with what you are imprinting the morphogenetic fields with ... your consciousness is more potent than you imagine. This mission is not about you. Remember what we serve ... remember who we are.

Polarity integrators, you are the miracles that are prayed for when humanity calls upon god. Be responsible in understanding that your each thought, feeling and action is a CREATIVE FORCE.
Integrate polarity through neutral presence of compassion. There is no more time to play conflict games. CLAIM YOUR POWER πŸ™


Clean up your mind, body, spirit, house, room, wardrobe, phone data, social media posts etc etc etc. 

Let go of the grip on what you thought was so right and so true. 

Welcome to quantum consciousness ... all shifts in a moment here, timelines collapse/clear/neutralize/recode/recalibrate/restructure beyond time and space comprehension, the only thing that can hinder the process is the holding on to stuff for whatever reasons the mind comes up with. 

Let go of fears to release thought patterns and beliefs, keep expanding, let the breath itself become devotion to the divine. 

All conflict is based on delusion and insanity. Comprehend DIMENSIONALLY, we are no longer linear. There is no HE vs SHE and SHE vs HE, that’s all insanity. It’s ok ... we got this.  

#zeropoint #hierosgamos

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