22 December 2019

Becoming One with the Light ~ Tim Whild ~ 20 December 2019

Source: Tim Whild

Re-post from earlier in this incredible year 💖

In order to keep up with the flow of light coming to this planet we have to become one with it and that is presently requiring a lot more discipline than it used to. The reason for this is because our thought/manifestation/reality is becoming an instantaneous process and moving through 4D is the training ground for getting this right.

When we hear the term ‘think positively’ it can often be a trigger as many of us are being seriously tested and nothing seems more patronising than a trite meme, or comment, that tells us to think of rainbows when the sky is falling. In reality this is exactly what we need to do!
Fear and anger are natural human responses and should not be ignored or swept under the carpet, they are markers or ‘red flags’ for things that need our attention. The same applies to the intense anxiety that many Lightworkers are feeling as we progress through our swiftly moving year. In many circumstances our emotions are not our own as we collectively feel each other and pick up the density of those who are in the process of releasing. This is what the Violet Flame is for.

Everything that we interact with, touch, feel, eat, walk upon or look at has changed vibration. The fabric of our reality is flowing much faster and responds instantaneously to waves of vibration that we emanate from our powerful field of energy. It is possible now to consciously shape our reality, but it requires focus and discipline very much like learning a new language. Firstly, a few words become recognisable and then with practice the speech begins to form as it is used to interact with the outside world.

As Within So Without, As Above So Below.

Many of you will have heard this before and know exactly what it means. Back in the third dimension we didn’t need to observe our internal/external environment so closely because the learning perimeters were very different. Although we live on a plane of free will this is going to change over the coming years. As humans become more heart-based we will be associating less and less with the ego-self and will naturally make heart-based choices in everything that we do.

Serving ourselves and others lovingly will be a natural process and slowly but surely this example will have become the fabric of the new reality around us. War, poverty and division will be eradicated from the new blueprint as the option to act in this manner will not be available. We are beginning to get strong glimpses of this way of life now from the strong flows of Light around us. Take a few moments to observe yourself several times a day and how you are responding to your environment, if it is creating discomfort then plant your feet firmly on the floor and use your focus to raise the vibration of yourself (external reality) back to an equilibrium. Some of you may feel a distinctive shift within yourselves at this point, like a movement of energy from your Monad (Soul) right down to your Earth Star beneath your feet. Ground that in firmly.

The Light we are receiving is coming from The Great Central Sun in an undiluted form, but it is a blank sheet waiting to be drawn on. It is incapable of taking a third-dimensional form or being used for low frequency purposes, it is the building material for our new reality. If it clashes with the vibration it meets it remains unused until it finds its higher form. This this is where the confusion and anxiety within us is arising because we are still a mixture of thoughts/emotions, regardless of our good intentions. That is the human-ness of our situation and we are a work in progress, relax and love yourself!

Awareness is power so wherever you are on your pathway take the time to key into this new energy. It is here to stay and will grow more powerful with every passing minute. So will we.

Love and blessings, Tim

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