31 December 2019

"Behold, I Make All Things New" ~ Paul Selig ~ 28 December 2019

Apt guidance for flowing into 2020....

Source: Empath 1111

Now, this feels impossible to him. “We exist in a higher room in this class, but we go to work, we go to school, we go to the store in the octave we’ve known. How else are we to operate?”

We would like to explain this for you. In fact, everything exists again and again in multiple octaves. To lift your own vibration to high accord supports you in claiming into manifestation the Divine that is inherent in all things. As you walk to the store in the higher octave, your experience of what you know and see must then be informed by the vibrational accord that you are now operating in. But as long as you are identifying everything through the ideology of old, you are blemishing the pane, the pane of glass that would exert you to bring the new into manifestation.

We will explain this again. You are walking to the store. The history you see before you, the meaning of all things as they have been, will seek to confirm the old. “There is that store I hate, that woman I say hello to. The sun looks like this today. It casts a shadow on me and makes me feel the way I used to feel.” The prescriptions of history which are in fact surrounding you are in fact claiming you in an alignment to the data you have used to live your life through. As you operate in the higher, you are not denying history. That is the store you don’t like the produce at, the woman you like to say hello to, but you are identifying through a different lens that does not expect your experience to be confirmed through what it has been. “Behold, I make all things new.” The woman is new. The store is new. The shadow that falls upon your face that gives you the chill is new because the being that you are is not confirming the old, but having an immediacy of experience that allows you to be in an alignment that does not occur when you are operating through the ideas or blemishes on the windowpane of history.

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