02 December 2019

Card of the Month: December 2019 ~ Lyssa Royal

Source: Lyssa Royal

Card #6 | Andromeda (Parallel) | New Paradigm
In this current time on Earth, this card is actually connected to the card from November’s card of the month theme, which was card #50 – Abandonment. (Please see that month’s text for its importance). We previously discussed the deep wound of abandonment that Earth humans carry. This wound is like the signature wound of your species. It is the key to the shift of consciousness on Earth, for once you heal and clear this wound it will no longer cloud your ability to see a more integrated and balanced reality. This brings us to the idea of New Paradigm, which is the theme of this card. Why is this theme associated with Andromeda?

First let us remind you of what we have said in the past – that in an archetypal way, Andromeda and your Milky Way galaxy represent opposite energies and for that reason we refer to the two galaxies as sister galaxies. Your galaxy’s signature energy leans more toward the masculine. This means that the underlying energy of the Milky Way is that of structure, linearity, and action. All of these are considered traits of masculine energy. The Andromeda galaxy’s energy leans more toward the feminine. That means its underlying energy expresses itself as more fluid, malleable, and based on flow rather than forced action. An analogy is to imagine the infinity symbol. One side is masculine (Milky Way) and the other side is feminine (Andromeda). The middle point is where both energies meet, and that is the point of integration. You influence each other in very subtle ways and as energy is exchanged between the galaxies on these subtle levels, the energy can be used for spiritual growth and evolution.

Because your civilization is now moving from a 3rd to a 4th density reality, it means that you are shifting from a more masculine (linear and structured) reality to a more integrated masculine/feminine reality. The old programs of linearity in thought and action must now change. You can no longer navigate a new 4th density reality using 3rd density tools. However, consciousness takes a while to shift, so as you move deeper and deeper into this new 4th density reality, other energies can assist you. Right now, that means that the Andromeda energy is working overtime to assist you in learning to balance the male/female, structure/unstructured, linear/holographic transformation that is taking place.

So many of you are mentioning how disoriented you feel. There are not enough hours in the day. Things that used to take you a short time to accomplish take much longer. Memory is changing. Sensitivity to people and environments is increasing, and so much more. Why? This transitional time between 3rd and 4th density requires you to become accustomed to a new paradigm of thought, perception, and experience. Most civilizations find this very challenging, and we can see that you are feeling that challenge too. Habits have a strong pull, and much of the challenge you are experiencing is because of the old habits of 3rd density that are still hanging on, including how you perceive and process reality. This is why we speak so often of how important inner work is – because it allows you to see your habits and patterns and begin changing them.

Fourth density is indeed a new paradigm, but its introduction into your daily reality will be slow at first, and that is a good thing. Slow and unhurried navigation through this new reality, while maintaining focus in the present moment, is required now. This is where the Andromeda energy can assist. When you feel frazzled, anxious, and disoriented, let yourself take a few minutes to sit comfortably, focus on the breath, and invite the Andromeda energy to help you to become more accustomed to riding the flow of energy instead of trying to shape reality the way you want it to be. Andromeda energy is inherently fluid and without the insistence on structure. This type of relaxed and flowing energy is what humans must begin to learn to navigate, because it reflects your quantum nature. In this fluid, wounds can heal in an organic way – including the core abandonment wounds of humanity. This is the quantum fluid – the common ground upon which all consciousness meets. It is the true home of the One.

Germane -- through Lyssa Royal Holt
www.lyssaroyal.net | www.solischool.org

For more information from Germane on YouTube about the card meanings, go to Lyssa's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuLbnOjJBUfqqm2KEqkpLA

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