25 December 2019

Disarming the Internal Skirmishs of the Mind ~ Jason Estes ~ 24 December 2019

Source: Jason Estes

during the holiday season it is common to have even more skirmishes then usual based on all the ridges you come up against in the world hopefully this helps you navigate this holiday season with more clarity and insight then usual ::hugs::

Disarming the Internal Skirmishes of the Mind ~ 10 December 2018

As we live our lives we are bombarded with 1000s of questions
those we cant solve tie up our attention and take up room in our minds
often after 48 hours these unsolvable questions begin to become skirmishes

much like a computer our minds need to be de-fragmented and brought back to optimum working conditions, so the question then becomes how is it a question becomes a skirmish and how do i handle skirmishes to make room to handle questions to someday have a peaceful and tranquil mind?

there is 2 approaches, first approach is the most common, shutout the noise this is an escapist approach and leads to super sensitivity and hyper active thoughts and a very intense life
the reason for this is because when we shut out the noise we lose out on the ability to learn from the noise and process it

you see the mind is a magical thing it learns and expands with challenges so if we run from challenges the mind becomes weaker and thus the questions become skirmishes faster and faster until we are constantly at war within ourselves and have to act on that war to get it out of us to see it.

the other approach is face stuff as it comes up
pause and process
this is what i call the container approach to life

its often the road less traveled as it requires personal responsibility and time

the way this approach works is every few hours you take 5mins to listen to the mental questions and thank them then let them go
as you do this your mind learns to focus on whats important to you and your path and can eventually naturally let go on its own with out the timed container

this simple process removes over 90% of the skirmishes in the mind and allows for moments of peace and clarity to form and its as simple as every 3 hours taking 5mins to listen and let go and solve.

so ask yourself honestly which approach do you most often take to life, and are you happy?

if your not happy then change something

this is your life and its designed to bring you awareness and skill that someday leads to happiness so why not take a moment and disarm some of those skirmishes and see what happens ::hugs::

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