26 December 2019

Earth Intelligence Report: December 2019 ~ Brad Johnson ~ 25 December 2019

Source: Brad Johnson

The upcoming eclipse taking place around the area of Asia will lead to a great resurgence of cooperation as it will lead to new oppositions to suppressing corrupted orders. This may lead to further protest and retaliation against established orders in the months to come as the dense energies of the Earth rise upon the surface clearing a great deal of inner emotional calamity. Legislation will be opposed. Inequality will be opposed. The retaliation to wipe away the stain of corrupt governance and human control will take affect as you move further into the next decade.

There is a great deal of support coming upon the Earth from unseen forces. Workings involving a deep cleansing of the thought matrix and collapsing timelines is ongoing and rising in its intensity. The acts upon the collective to expose, rebuild and re-establish your way of order will become more apparent as you begin upon your next decade. Those that are reaching a new understanding on what life can be rather than what has been given to them by control, hierarchy, prejudice, unfairness and arrogance will mark its end as you move into the next decade. It will be a time of great cooperation behind silent partners that do not make themselves known. Behind closed doors are discussions to fully reintegrate human society on specific levels where the leader elects work to overthrow those that were once their rulers. The unseen forces are administrating these acts and it will lead into a complete restructuring of foundation on the many levels of life through your currency, governance, leaderships, education, technology, military forces and community.

The efforts towards environmental sanitation and cleanup will become a more seriously discussed topic and implementation efforts will carry forward. This will seem more apparent upon the continents of Europe and Asia and will lean further towards the west in the early years of the next decade. Regimes that speak of environmental care and quality yet hold an agenda to financial gain will become quickly extinguished and will gain little momentum as the collective prefers a larger group action in cleaning up the oceans, the air and the land. This will come through the innovation of the youth and will spread to many organizations ethical in their thoughts and will lead into a major world clean up that will reach a global level before the year of 2030 as it is felt now.

Beyond the Earth, the planet Saturn is currently being sanitized regarding control from a dying empire and this sanitation is being applied by the confederate forces. Much of the agenda of the previous inhabitants that kept this illusionary grid of control inline are being overthrown, both within their own empire and through the Confederation of Planets. Within the short times to come, it may not be surprising to see the rings of Saturn fade away as the control agenda of illusion was specifically stationed upon Saturn’s rings, but is now encountering severe dismantling as the old powers are collapsing and shall also be evicted from the star system. The rings of Saturn represent altering cosmic vibration technologically specifically within this star system. A song of chaos that disrupted the natural harmony of this star system. This instrumentation is now being dissolved and a song of harmony will take place through the star system synchronizing to powerful events of upliftment on your planet.

As you move into the 2020 year, you will continue to see a great deal of dismantling and reintegration occurring around you. This is part of the transitional movement that will signify the conclusion of themes built on control, no matter how much attention is attempted to ensure that such an old dominion still exists. Remember that those within your mainstream hold agendas and will apply the greatest manipulation to ensure as if nothing is happening behind closed doors, yet this is far from the truth. The former controllers of this world are holding onto the pillars of an old empire that are crumbling down at accelerated levels. See past the fog of what is presented to you so eagerly, and look beyond to see what is coming upon the Earth in soft, subtle doses that will lead to new infrastructure and great change that will effect every branch of this vast tree called the Planet Earth.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

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