07 December 2019

Here We Glow ~ Sandra Walter ~ 6 December 2019

The energies are thrusting us into the next level of Embodiment, where our Higher Selves merge in constant communion with the lower awareness in the physical
Embodiment of the Christed state is a radically different state of consciousness; a brand new way of operating in these realms

Source: Sandra Walter

An Honest Inventory of your Path::

Most of our collective 2020 timeline choices are already in motion. However, the final 2020 Gateway launch begins December 1 and flows through January 13. Give yourself the gift of an honest inventory of your path.

Dream LIMITLESS. If you read this after December 1, do it Now. The Gate is Open.

Light-ground your highest choices for your journey. Write them down, draw them out, crystal grid your personal and collective intentions. Now.

- What are your highest trajectories, expressions, services or creations for this next phase of your Ascension? What is your unique expression of Source?

- What needs to change, shift, simplify, or be surrendered in order to free yourself for your full expression? Beliefs? Habits? Location? Relationships? Lifestyle? Self-care? Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual alignment?

Use the timeline shifting energies. Move in the direction of those dreams, energetically and physically, Now.

Claim your creation, you receive whatever you agree to and focus on during this highly charged Gateway. These energies AMPLIFY all intentions, providing support for free will choice. Be clear and direct with your intentions, feelings and Creator-Self.

No more waiting game. The Gates are open. Drop the stagnant or stuck energies. What higher choices need to be felt and actualized Now in order to express as you choose?

Heart-test: Use the classic Feather and Heart scale. What makes the heart feel light, open, free? It’s not a busy-ness plan, it’s a freedom plan for the Now.

New Earth is a very open, present state of BEingness. Practice visualizing, feeling and actualizing your unique, expansive Self in the Now.

Because #Ascension

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